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    Cameron Berne

    We would like to use the phone number we have in Voice to also send texts.. is this possible? Can you port your own number for Text?

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    Chris Darby

    Same as @Cameron - I'd like to do this too! Would be great to have a single number for my users to call or text

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    Daenon Janis

    @Cameron @Chris 

    You can do this by going into Admin > Channels > Talk > Numbers > Settings, you can enable the number for text.

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    Simon Tam

    Is it possible to get new tickets issued after some criteria when being texted from the same phone number? In my tests it appears all texts coming from that phone number are lumped into the same ticket or reopen's solved tickets. I'd like to be able to specify when a new ticket is generated when being texted from that same phone number.

    In my mind not radically different from when you receive new tickets from the same email address (but maybe different subject line)

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    Tim Rowell

    I have the same request as @Simon, is it possible to the system create a new ticket for texts?

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