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Support your customers with Text, a feature of Zendesk Talk (available on Talk Basic and Advanced plans). Respond to inbound texts, automate alerts, or send proactive messages. Texts automatically create tickets right in Support, so teams can apply all the advantages of automated workflows, centralized reporting and full customer history to text support. There’s no coding or additional software required, so you and your team can get started in minutes.

Step 1: Choose a Text number

To try Text, first choose a Text number. You can do so under Admin > Channels Text.


For detailed steps, see Adding a Text number.

We currently offer the following phone numbers for Text:

  • US (Local and toll-free)
  • Canada (Local and toll-free)
  • UK (Local and toll-free)
  • Puerto Rico (Local)
  • Austria (Mobile)
  • Israel (Mobile
  • Lithuania (Mobile)
  • Australia (Mobile)
  • Belgium (Mobile)
  • Switzerland (Mobile)
  • Chile (Mobile)
  • Czech Republic (Mobile)
  • Estonia (Mobile)
  • Finland (Mobile)
  • France (Mobile)
  • Germany (Mobile)
  • Hong Kong (Mobile)
  • Hungary (Mobile)
  • Indonesia (Mobile)
  • Ireland (Mobile)
  • Netherlands (Mobile)
  • Norway (Mobile)
  • Poland (Mobile)
  • Puerto Rico (Mobile)
  • Spain (Mobile)
  • Sweden (Mobile)

 Check this list for updates.

Text is a feature of Talk, so selecting a number for Text will initiate your free trial of Zendesk Talk. Trials include one free phone number and a $1 of usage credit. Standard SMS rates are $0.0094 per inbound message; outbound rates may vary. Find more details regarding Text usage prices here.

My team has a Talk Basic or Advanced account.

If you have a Talk Basic or Advanced account, you may choose a separate phone number to try Text -- it'll be yours, free, for 30 days (you may be able to use the same number for Text that they use for Talk. Contact our customer service team for more information).

If you are currently trialing Talk Basic or Advanced, your free $1 credit will apply to Text. If you are a current customer with Talk Basic or Advanced, any Text usage fees will be applied to your account. Standard SMS rates are $0.0094 per inbound message; outbound rates may vary. Find more details regarding Text usage pricing here.

My team has a Talk Lite account.

If you are on our Talk Lite plan, you will need to upgrade to our Talk Basic or Advanced plan to use Text. To try Text before upgrading your Talk plan, contact our customer service team.

My team uses another SMS provider -- can I use that number for Text?

If you decide to purchase Text (included on the Talk Basic and Advanced plans), you can port over an existing phone number from another provider to use for Text. Learn more here, or contact our customer service team for more information.

Step 2: Send an inbound text

Now that you’ve started your free Text trial, send a test text from a mobile phone to your new Text trial number. You’ll see that your text will automatically create a ticket in your Zendesk Support account. Public replies in the ticket will send a text back to you.


Note: To take advantage of user identification for inbound texts, set the mobile phone number you use for testing as the “direct line” for an end-user profile. Learn more here.

Step 3: Automate an outbound text

Now that you’ve received and responded to an inbound text, take it to the next level and set up an automated outbound text. 


See detailed steps and more ideas for ways to use triggers and notifications with Text here.

Next steps

Text is available as a feature on our Talk Basic and Advanced plans. When you’ve reached the end of your free 30 day trial or use your $1 free credit, add Talk Basic or Advanced to your Zendesk subscription to continue using the Text channel. Learn more here.


A few more notes:

Is there a maximum character limit per SMS?

There is a standard 160 character limitation, as typical for SMS messaging. Longer messages will be split into multiple messages.

Is there a maximum number of SMS messages that can be sent simultaneously?

Yes. 250 simultaneous messages from the same number is a threshold. Number pooling may resolve this in the future; however, this is not available yet.

Does Text support short codes or alphanumeric sender ID?

Not at this time, but this feature is on the roadmap.

 Does Text support MMS messages?

You can receive inbound MMS messages, but Text does not currently support outbound MMS messages.


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  • 2

    We would like to use the phone number we have in Voice to also send texts.. is this possible? Can you port your own number for Text?

  • 1

    Same as @Cameron - I'd like to do this too! Would be great to have a single number for my users to call or text

  • 0

    @Cameron @Chris 

    You can do this by going into Admin > Channels > Talk > Numbers > Settings, you can enable the number for text.

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