Viewing and restoring archived articles

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  • Rob Latino

    Are articles in the "Deleted" section eventually cleared out (i.e., after 90 days) or do those articles live in the "Deleted" section for eternity? Just curious. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Aha. It took me a minute but I found it:

    All deleted articles remain in your list permanently. 

    Hope that helps!

  • Olivia Hopkins

    I am restoring articles and I want to assign them to a section I've just created. It is not allowing me to add them to the new section--it's like the new section does not exist. I've tried clearing cache and different browsers--result is always the same 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Olivia!

    When you restore the deleted article, it's restored as a draft; it's not published right away. So when you go to publish the newly restored draft, you'll be able to change the section from there.

    Hope that helps!

  • Emma Cate

    Are you able to restore deleted categories/sections? I need to restore deleted articles but I need the URL to be the same as they were previously. As the section was also deleted, when I create a new section and restore the article to the new section it creates a different URL. 

  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Emma,

    Our policy is that we will not change, delete, recover, or otherwise alter any data in a customer's Zendesk. You can manage your data with tools that exist in the product or with apps available on our Apps Marketplace.

    There are a few tools available to help you manage your Zendesk data:


    • Recover deleted tickets - learn more here.
    • If you want to delete suspended tickets, refer to the Suspended Ticket Bulk Deletion App. Please note that this is a Zendesk Labs app and is not supported by our Support team.
    • If you want to redact text or attachments on tickets, refer to the Ticket Redaction App (note this only works on open tickets). Please note that this is a Zendesk Labs app and is not supported by our Support team.
    • If you want to bulk delete hundreds or thousands of tickets, our Professional Services team may be able to help you for a fee.

    Help Center articles

    If we do not offer the self-service data management feature you need, please make a feature request in our Help Center.

  • Stefano Nguma

    Are images "lost" when an article is archived? We had restored a few articles that were previously archived and now notice there are placeholders where the images displayed. Although an image path and filename is defined in the source code we just see a placeholder and and contents of the image ALT parameter next to it when we preview the article.




  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Stefano -

    Archiving and un-archiving an article should not impact the images. Are you still seeing this issue? If so, we may want to create a ticket so that we can look more in depth at your account.

  • Stefano Nguma

    I think we figured it out.  The articles were created under the wrong brand so the html was copied into an article under the intended brand. The original archived article was then deleted which I believe deletes the images tied to it.


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Ah, that makes sense. Glad you got it sorted out - thanks for letting us know!

  • Amy Gracer

    Is there anyway to add archive specific comments? So when  archive an article, I can add a comment as to why it was archived?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Amy -

    There's not archive-specific comment functionality. Your best bet is simply to add a comment as normal with your notes. If for any reason you un-archived the article, you could simply delete that comment.


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