Viewing and restoring archived articles

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  • Rob Latino

    Are articles in the "Deleted" section eventually cleared out (i.e., after 90 days) or do those articles live in the "Deleted" section for eternity? Just curious. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Aha. It took me a minute but I found it:

    All deleted articles remain in your list permanently. 

    Hope that helps!

  • Olivia Hopkins

    I am restoring articles and I want to assign them to a section I've just created. It is not allowing me to add them to the new section--it's like the new section does not exist. I've tried clearing cache and different browsers--result is always the same 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Olivia!

    When you restore the deleted article, it's restored as a draft; it's not published right away. So when you go to publish the newly restored draft, you'll be able to change the section from there.

    Hope that helps!

  • Emma Cate

    Are you able to restore deleted categories/sections? I need to restore deleted articles but I need the URL to be the same as they were previously. As the section was also deleted, when I create a new section and restore the article to the new section it creates a different URL. 

  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Emma,

    Our policy is that we will not change, delete, recover, or otherwise alter any data in a customer's Zendesk. You can manage your data with tools that exist in the product or with apps available on our Apps Marketplace.

    There are a few tools available to help you manage your Zendesk data:


    • Recover deleted tickets - learn more here.
    • If you want to delete suspended tickets, refer to the Suspended Ticket Bulk Deletion App. Please note that this is a Zendesk Labs app and is not supported by our Support team.
    • If you want to redact text or attachments on tickets, refer to the Ticket Redaction App (note this only works on open tickets). Please note that this is a Zendesk Labs app and is not supported by our Support team.
    • If you want to bulk delete hundreds or thousands of tickets, our Professional Services team may be able to help you for a fee.

    Help Center articles

    If we do not offer the self-service data management feature you need, please make a feature request in our Help Center.


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