Permanently deleting a knowledge base article

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  • F. Keijmes

    Will the 13 digit Article number shown in the Article URL (like within this article, its 4408832480154) be reused once the article with that ID is deleted?

    Or will it not be reused in the ZD system?

    if not reused, could you then create a new article and give it the same 13 digit nr manually as it was originally?

    So that you still have a possibility to come back to the same link, if something was deleted in error.

  • Aubree
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello F. Keijmes,

    Apparently, an article ID is unique and is generated upon article creation so it cannot be reused. 

    Also, you cannot set the article ID upon creation even via API given it's a read-only parameter.


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