Using skills-based routing (Enterprise)

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  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @davide -- I have some good news, that manual skill updating by agents is in development and should be available this quarter. Automatically updating skills is a lot harder and is currently under investigation as our next priority,

  • Paull Charman

    Is there any update on when we might be able to use skills as conditions in triggers?

  • Ola Timpson

    Will we be able to apply a Skills filter to multiple views at some stage? This feature could work really well for us, as we have agents within teams covering different products, but I really need to filter 3 different views on skills match.

  • Antonio Naddeo

    We have different departments and we use ticket groups to reassign a ticket to a different department: a group for each department (Support, Billing, Tech). I thought that Skills Routing would be a great way to get rid of the several groups and using the simpler set of skills to assign a ticket to a different department (support , billing, tech support etc). After playing a bit with the tool I think that skills routing cannot be used for escalating tickets. 

    I understand that skill routing only works on ticket creation, so if a new ticket comes in and agent need to assign manually to a different department using skills routing, this is just not possible because:

    1. Agents cannot manually edit the skills, only admin can change the skills on the ticket, what is the point of this?

    2. Skills do not work when the ticket is simply updated, so even if we were to create a field called "escalate to billing" to be manually selected by the agent who wants to assign the ticket to a different supporting group it would not work because skills to do not work on tickets updates. 

    Am I missing anything?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Antonio,

    1. You are correct and currently agents are unable to manually edit these skills on the ticket. However, as mentioned above by Kristen, this feature is currently in development and will hopefully be released this quarter.

    2. Correct, skills based routing only works once a ticket is created. As and admin, you would need to manually update the skills field. However, the agent should still be able to assign over to a different group if necessary unless they have group restrictions set up.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Melysa Cheatham

    Has there been any development on Zendesk pushing tickets to the agents instead of the agents pulling tickets to themselves?

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Thank you for all your questions -- it's great to see so much interest in the feature! Obviously we can't do everything at once, and some of your asks are complex or have a lot of interdepedencies. But we do take them into account on balance against the many other product requests we receive.

    As of today,

    @Pauli -- using skills in triggers is not currently planned. Having one rule kick off another gets pretty complicated. We hope that routing rules can replace many triggers, however. We are also looking at ways that routing rules can be re-run after ticket creation so the rule may be applied later in the ticket lifecycle as triggers are.

    @Ola -- we hear you and it's on the backlog, but it's highly cross-dependent with work on the Views feature that would be needed in order to accommodate it. I don't have a timeline for you right now.

    @Melysa -- we are moving in that direction and it also involves a lot of cross-product coordination and prioritization. I don't have a timeline for you either, but it is part of the ultimate vision as of now.

    In the meantime, I hope the newly launched ability to have agents update skills on a ticket is helpful to your desired workflows!

  • Stassa Miller

    This setup means I need to turn off the triggers set to route tickets in order for skills-based routing to route the tickets?


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