Using skills-based routing

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  • Kristen Mirenda

    HI @Brandon -- it's on the backlog, but I can't give you a timeframe yet. But thank you for describing the use case, that's really helpful!

  • Will Ginsberg

    @kristen mirenda


    I 100% get that there are a myriad of use cases but I don't understand how this product works properly.

    If a ticket doesn't have a skill it appears as skill matched. This means that in order to even think about "disqualifying" tickets from skill matching you need to assign the ticket a skill. 

    So, seriously, this sounds snarky but it's not intended that is this product supposed to work? What's a use case where this works as intended? Having a specific view for a skill? What's the point of skills then? I'm probably totally missing the mark but trying to figure out an example of where skill matching works. 

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @davide -- I have some good news, that manual skill updating by agents is in development and should be available this quarter. Automatically updating skills is a lot harder and is currently under investigation as our next priority,

  • Masha Patrakova

    Are tickets checked against skill conditions in the order they are listed in? Both the order of skills and order of conditions inside?

    Say I have

    Device language = ES
    App language = ES

    Device language = FR
    App language = FR

    No conditions

    Would each ticket be checked against 

    1. Device being ES

    2. App being ES

    3. Device being FR

    4. App being FR

    5. If nothing matched - set to EN?

  • Helen Foot

    I'd like to echo the points a couple of people have made above:

    1. We need the ability to apply SBR to more than one view.

    • We have multiple departments with different structures and ways of working in one instance. While SBR could work for the ones with basic implementations, or one complex implementation, it won't work for combining all of them together, e.g. some sort views by SLA, others by Priority - it's impractical to order any one view to suit all of them. Multiple skill-based views would solve this.

    2. The ability to toggle the filter of a view by skill (or frankly even just a field value in general) would be very welcome.

    • We have multiple tiers of agents in some departments, where the most expert fail-over to less expert tickets when they are done with all the expert tickets they can work on, or for cover when other agents are out. At the moment they all have to have access to all the possible views to do this, and one single SBR view is not going to solve this without a filter.

    3. Skills need to be editable by macros and triggers.

    • If they can only be updated on creation or manually then the usefulness of them and the usefulness of triggers in an SBR system are greatly diminished.

    4. Skills should be available as a value to filter on in standard views.

    • In lieu of the above multiple views or flexible filters for a single view being possible, it would be very useful to be able to just create a static view based on a skill or selection of skills - if we can't do this then skills become just another thing to update alongside the current groups/tagging in place to achieve the same aim.
  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Antonio,

    1. You are correct and currently agents are unable to manually edit these skills on the ticket. However, as mentioned above by Kristen, this feature is currently in development and will hopefully be released this quarter.

    2. Correct, skills based routing only works once a ticket is created. As and admin, you would need to manually update the skills field. However, the agent should still be able to assign over to a different group if necessary unless they have group restrictions set up.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Wes Shank

    @Kristen - I promise I have read through this before asking and it sort of looks like you were just asked this but I think the question was about changing the Agent skills. My question is, it looks like the document was updated that the agent could now change the skills on the ticket, where initially only an Admin could. Am I seeing that correctly? Our agents have to clean up so much for our clients it really makes it a deal-breaker for us if we can't clean up the skills.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Reneé and Renalto

    I checked in with the product team, and the answer is that there isn't really clear-cut criteria for what makes a view compatible or not. Apparently it has to do with how things are cached on our backend, and certain views are cached in such a way that they are incompatible. One example they gave was views that have a time based condition like "all closed tickets in the last hour," but there are a number of other things that can cause a view to be incompatible. 

    I'm sorry that we don't have a more comprehensive and detailed set of criteria we can share, but I hope that helps shed a little light. 


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