How can I disable offline message notifications for all agents?

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  • Schuyler Weinberg

    Is there any work being done to make this a feature that can be set at the account level? It's sort of a big ask to have enterprise size accounts require all chat agents to do this for every set up, when really our whole account doesn't need to be made aware in an email because a ticket is created anyway.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Schuyler,

    I checked with our Chat team and it looks like there's currently no plans to add this as an account wide setting.

    I've gone ahead and passed your feedback along to the appropriate team.


  • Ray Van Voorhis

    +1 on this request. Every time someone joins our team we have to tell them on their first day go turn this off or they get bombarded by emails. And global admin setting would be save a lot of headache on what feels like a vestigial setting. 


    Thank you

  • Dustin Milberger

    This absolutely should be an option from an admin role to set for agents. 

  • Attentive Mobile Inc.

    +1 to the above. This notification setting should be adjustable at the global/admin level. I'm in the process of telling everyone on my team to go change a notification.

  • Smith Joel

    We go in to our settings individually and turn off these notifications but then they start again after about 6 months. Is there an automatic reset, and if so, why?

  • Endpoint Closing

    +1 - This should be an admin setting for the whole account. 


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