Why am I unable to log in to Help Center in Safari or on iOS devices?

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  • iisaacson

    This is not really a solution. We should not have to disable tracking just to make the web app usable. :(

  • Igor Ryzhov

    This is absolutely not a solution! Why should I disable tracking prevention to use Zendesk?

  • Alan Jiménez

    Jesus Christ. Really?

    Many other service providers on the web manage without requiring end users to throw a layer of security out of the window. How do they do it? Why can't you?


  • Tim O'Brien

    This is... really not a solution. The problem is that you're not correctly handling cnames, fix the product.

  • Josh Crandon

    Comically, in order to leave a comment I had to use Chrome on my iPhone...

    Surely there must be a proper solution. You need to look at your integration with OKTA again as no one else seems to have this challenge.

  • Peter Steinberger

    Forcing us to disable ITP to allow log-in is not an acceptable workaround, in fact I've never seen a company recommend such a drastic measure.

    Please fix this properly. The Web isn't just Chrome.

  • Thomas Einwaller

    Please Zendesk get it together, this is not a solution, not even a workaround - fix your product!

  • Pascual Strømsnæs

    This is definitely not an adequate solution. First of all, logging in via an HTML form is not "native authentication", nor is this reliant on allowing cross-site tracking.

    How can we trust how you at Zendesk to collect and treat personal information, when you advocate severly flawed practices in this manner?

    A simple solution where you give your partners API keys they can authenticate their users with and then being able to be transferred would be sufficient. Literally hundreds of thousands of web apps manage this perfectly well every day, even after Apple and other makers of web browers turned of support for cross-site tracking as a default last year.

    Giving this terrible advice as you do here could potentially lead to dangerous situations where users that are not aware of the risks could lose their personal, sensitive data.

  • Pascual Strømsnæs

    I asked Zendesk via Twitter about this issue and it seems that a fix is now imminent.


  • Peter Steinberger

    Wow. Looks like they don't care about Safari, but since Chrome has such a wider share and now implements similar restrictions, the issue suddenly became important. 

    If they would have fixed it for Safari, chances are high they wouldn't have to rush now to fix it for Chrome.

  • Erkan Yıldız

    Zendesk's indifference to this issue is at an unbelievable level. Even these dirty workarounds they call "a solution" do not work.

  • Anthony Williamson

    We (Zendesk consumers) are being forced to provide this answer to our end-user community - it is really unacceptable and inadequate as a response for what is at least perceived as a security breach in what many consumers feel is our product's website. Please address the issue and resolve it by simply preventing the need to disable this option.

  • Quinton Myers

    Anna Roussanova

    Can you provide an official response to the concerns listed above? I too have the same concern but would love to know Zendesk's official stance. I am an Apple user (MacBook & iDevices) and would love to not have to use other browsers. This is just a want not a need.

    Can you at the very least post the link to the article that represents Zendesk's official response to the concerns the users list above?

    Thank you in advance.

    Please advise.

  • Sondra Halperin

    We use google login. With iOS update 14.2, when I tried to log in to our KB with google login, it kept going in circles, bringing me back to the login page.

    I hadn't made any changes, but this solution fixed it.

    Thanks for posting.


  • Anthony Williamson

    Hi Anna

    It is extremely disappointing this is a requirement and Zendesk collects this information but when our consumers question it, we get the questions and not Zendesk.

    This needs to be resolved permanently.

  • Levai Ferenc


    I cannot log into Zendesk on safari. I found an error in console, regarding the Continue button on popin with Cookie requirements.

    TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'window.opener.location')



  • Jason Klein

    I am thankful we can now login to ZenDesk from Safari without disabling "cross-site tracking" (which was never an acceptable solution, btw), but I do hope ZenDesk is still working to fix the login page in step 1, so we can skip steps 2-4 following each logout or session timeout.

    When I visit our agent dashboard and am prompted to login (e.g. after a logout or session timeout), I follow these steps...

    1. Click the "Continue" link below this message on login page

    Cookies required to use Safari
    To continue signing in using Safari, allow cookies to be stored on this device. You might see this screen more than once.

    2. Wait for cookie page to load, then Click the "Continue" button below this message on page

    Safari cookie requirements
    Recent versions of Safari have new cookie requirements to improve security.
    To continue, you must allow cookies.
    Read about Safari cookie blocking

    3. Wait for login page to load (again), then click the "Continue" link below this message on login page (again... same message as step 1)

    Cookies required to use Safari
    To continue signing in using Safari, allow cookies to be stored on this device. You might see this screen more than once.

    4. Wait for a different login page to load, then enter username, password, and click Sign In

    The login page on step 4 is different than the page that appears on steps 1 and 3.

    For reference, here are the URLs we're seeing along the way. Even though we have a custom URL for our Help Center (e.g. "support.example.com"), we are sent to the ZenDesk subdomain when we are using our Agent Dashboard (e.g. "example.zendesk.com")

    Agent Dashboard

    Step 1 (main login page)

    Step 2 (cookie page)

    Step 3 (main login page, again)

    Step 4 (different login page at same URL?)

  • Darien

    As Anthony Williamson and many other have mentioned it is absolutely unacceptable and disappointing that this thread has been going on for years and this continues to be a requirement. 
    Our users are shocked to find out they need to disable cross-site tracking to be able to see their ticket. It makes us look bad and Zendesk even worse. 


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