Setting roles and access in Zendesk Admin Center

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  • Jennifer

    Is this rollout complete? I am an Admin and unable to locate "Roles and access" when I follow the instructions (Admin Center > Account > Roles and access) -- However I am able to get to an individual agent's "Roles and access" area when I search for and open the staff member’s profile page from the Manage in Admin Center link under Role.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Jennifer

    Thanks for asking! You can only access the Roles and access tab from the staff member's profile page. You cannot navigate to it directly from Admin Center.  Notice that the instructions say: 

    1. Open the Staff Profile page in Admin Center.

      For details, see Opening the staff profile.     <<<-- This is step is required. 

    In later versions, we're planning to have direct access from Admin Center.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the clarification Lisa Kelly! I think the "Quick Look:  Admin Center > Account > Roles and access" at the top here is what threw me off. I appreciate your time.


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