Understanding the Sell Funnel report

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  • Ryo Ogochi

    I'm having trouble producing monthly report for September---its returning a blank for the funnel reports.

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Ryo Ogochi,

    Thank you for reaching out! 

    If you are still having trouble after going through the troubleshooting steps below, please contact our team so we can further investigate your account. 

    There are two important points about the Funnel Report mentioned in this article:  

    • Leads View: When looking at the conversion rates for deals that started as leads, the timeframe is based on the lead's creation date, not on the deal's creation date.
    • Deals View: This report shows you deals based on the deal creation date. For example, if you have your filter set to view deals in October 2019, only those deals that were created in October are displayed in your report.

    If you create a Deal Smart List, you can check what data should populate in the Funnel Report: 

    1. Go to the Deals section of your account and create a new Deal Smart List
    2. Add the column "Added on date" 
    3. Filter that column for the month of September to replicate what should be visible in the Funnel Report

    I hope this helps answer your question! 


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