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  • Michael Manning

    We currently have an on prem Exchange server. When we were going through the sales process we were told there were features that the Outlook plugin would only provide if we use O365 hosted Exchange. Is this the case? Based on this article it does not appear to be. Are there limitations integrating Sell with an on prem Exchange environment?

  • Sophie McMonagle

    Hi Michael Manning,

    You can integrate Sell with an on-premise Exchange server - I don't know of any specific limitations.  if you are having problems, take a look at our troubleshooting information: or please raise a support ticket.


  • Michael Manning

    Great! Thank you.

  • Shaun Millward

    Does this functionality require IMAP to be enabled or is SMTP enough?

    We have a client who uses Office 365 and I'm struggling to work out how this can work as O365 doesn't have an obvious SMTP / IMAP connection - the connection works using autodiscover and modern authentication. Is there a way to get this working with Office 365? 

    Also ,we're trying to move a client away from some of these older and less secure protocols so ideally would like to not have to re-enable IMAP.

    If it does require IMAP, assumedly this is just needed on an account-by-account basis?

  • Grzegorz Pogwizd

    Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for reaching out with this question and I'm happy to clarify.

    Yes, IMAP is currently required as well, in order to integrate your email account with Sell, but as you noted it is on a account-by-account basis (so it can be enabled on the server side just for specific users that need their email integrated in Sell).

    I hope this helps, but in case you have any other questions or concerns please do let me know. Best regards!

    Grzegorz Pogwizd
    Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk Sell

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  • Charlie Browning

    Hi, I'm trying to determine how best to put in a general "" email, in addition to individual emails for team members?   So rep1 can access both email, and, how can they get both into Sell?  Rep2 has and also will field questions from customercare, and may be assigned those by as that person is managing the team. 

    What's the best way to integrate these emails per user and also have the incoming general account integrated?



  • AustinAyers

    Following up on Shaun's Comment.  We are restricted from using legacy Authentication protocols necessary to support SMTP and IMAP with Exchange Online (office 365).  Is there any support for modern auth integration with Exchange online and the sell email component, perhaps on a future roadmap? 

    While I understand that this restriction is self enforced by our org.  The nature of the user population using this app are of much higher risk because sales peoples contact information is often more publicly available.  As such enabling the protocol for these users often results in immediate warning and alerts about failed login attempts using the legacy protocols as threat actors attempt to bruteforce the accounts.  

    I would be very grateful if SELL would prioritize a modern integration experience with exchange online.

  • Kyle Jones

    Hey there Charlie!

    Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be possible to add a general email at this time, there is only the option to add individual emails for your team members.


    I've been informed we now do support modern Authentication, and this should have been accessible as of a few months ago.


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