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    Sounds and looks good and helpful 

    have to use it a few times to rememder

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hey Lisa Kelly

    Great new feature - just discovered it today! I have long waited for the ability to search triggers by condition or action, a really useful feature.

    May I ask the team to polish off a few rough edges?

    • When I formulate my search, let's say, to search an action of "Assignee" to be a certain agent, it shows me all triggers matching this. So far so good, but
    • I cannot open each of the triggers in separate browser windows/tabs or Zendesk tabs in the current browser tab (like tickets) for editing.
    • Moreover, after I return from an edit action, my search parameters are zapped - I'm back at step one, formulate the search.

    So, in short, these are my suggested UX enhancements:

    • make triggers open as Zendesk tabs if I click on them
    • do retain the specified search terms when returning from an edit.

    Thanks for improving this already great feature!

    Yours truly


  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hey Lisa Kelly

    While we're at it - the same kind of search for macros (i.e. search for specific actions) would be great.


    Yours truly


  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Peter Hochstrasser

    Thank you for your comments! I have forwarded them along to our Product Management team. 

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    This is a really useful feature! While we do have a useful "(any)" option, however, an "(absent)" option would also come in very handy.

    Use case: I'm currently doing a routine trigger clean-up regarding schedules, and it would be useful to have a search condition that would show me all triggers where there isn't a schedule being applied (this might sound pointless, but when you have hundreds of triggers to review, it becomes a bit more challenging).

    This would also be valid for other similar search conditions (status, brand, ticket form, etc.).

    Also desperately in need of of Peter Hochstrasser's suggested tweak: "retain the specified search terms when returning from an edit"


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