Cloning dashboards

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  • Lee Ryall

    I don't seem to have the ... option next to my dashboards?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Lee, 

    Can you confirm which plan you're on? Typically when a menu doesn't appear it means you're not on the right account type for it, but if you are on Professional or higher and aren't seeing it, we can investigate what else might be going on. 

  • Lee Ryall

    Hi Nicola,

    That will explain it then as we have only just started on the Growth Suite plan which I now understand does not have this facility.

    Many thanks,


  • Katharina Stöhr

    Hiya, I hope this thread is still open. 

    I am working on different dashboards that should somewhat report on the same metrics for at least two different sets of ticket brands/groups. Within one dashboard, I want to have different tabs, also reporting on more or less the same thing but with different time increments. 

    More specifically I want to have Dashboard X for Brand and Group X, with a weekly tab, a monthly tab, and a real-time one for ticket status only. 

    I want to have the same on Dashboard Y for Brand and Group Y so naturally, I cloned things - reports, tabs.

    Cloning works fine, however, if I update, let's say, the time filter/reporting period on the monthly tab which is a clone of the weekly one, both tabs show the same. I cannot show a weekly period in one tab and a monthly period in the other - both update to the same period. 

    The same goes for any report in more than one dashboard - they always synchronize. 

    How can I avoid this? What settings do I need to choose to get to this to work or do I have to recreate every single report manually?

    Thanks for helping!



  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Katharina Stöhr

    Since these were cloned dashboards, it's likely that it also cloned how the time filter operates. I recommend checking out the time filter to see which data is it affecting. Might be worth following the best practices for using dashboard filters article to see which is included or excluded in your filter. 

  • Heather Shetrawski

    I want a copy of the standard Zendesk Support dashboard, but with each tab limited to a specific Brand. This is to share with an external vendor who only supports one of our brands. I want them to be able to view and use the dashboard in Zendesk (they have an account in our instance), but where they cannot select which brand to view and are only able to see the data for a specified brand. Is there a way to accomplish this without editing each report in the dashboard? 


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