Managing conversation handoff and handback

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  • William Flaugher

    Are you able to clarify what happens if a ticket is handed off to an agent outside of business hours? I can see the option to configure a path based on whether or not it's inside/outside business hours, but there's no clarification on what happens after the handoff. Does it just become a ticket in the queue, rather than a message notification in the upper corner?

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi William,

    When a message is sent on the widget outside your business hours and "Transfer to agent" step is added to your bot flow, a ticket is created that goes to your unassign tickets queue and a notification is also visible on the top right of the Support page showing that there's a ticket that came in. Agents will have to manually pickup those tickets from the queue, unless you have configured custom routing rules using Trigger or Automation.

    See Understanding what happens to messaging requests by default.

    Incoming requests for agent assistance from the messaging channel have a simple, functional routing process.

    • Customers are handed off from Answer Bot to the Agent Workspace. No information is collected through custom ticket fields.
    • Tickets are not assigned to any agent or group, and appear in two default views, Unassigned tickets and All unsolved tickets.
    • A notification is broadcast to all agents, informing them that a request has been received.
    Hope this clarifies!
  • tushar kalra

    After the ticket is marked as closed, How do we prompt the bot again for the customer. 


    Basically when the customer comes back again for second time, how do we give him the same experience as the first time. We want the bot greeting message with start options to come again for the customer after the ticket is marked as closed. 

    Please note i am using authenticated customers, so there is no option for new conversation here. 


  • Rad
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Tushar,
    I saw the ticket you created with the same question and already responded to it. We can continue working on the initial ticket. Please check your email! 
  • Ben

    I have a question about the trigger to close the ticket. 

    What is the reason to first assign a tag and then have the trigger fire when the ticket is tagged?

    My current solution is a trigger that fires on Messaging and WhatsApp tickets when the ticket status is set to "Solved". It then sets the status to "Closed". So far it seems to work just fine, but would there be any reason to not do it like this?

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ben,

    Yes, your trigger should work as well considering you're not waiting for a CSAT score from your customer.

    Using the trigger that is based on a tag allows you to add a tag anytime you want the ticket to be Closed. This trigger comes in handy if you are utilizing CSAT for your Messaging channel and you want to wait for the survey response before closing out the ticket. 

    If you are using CSAT to gauge customer satisfaction in messaging, it’s important to note that the survey is sent immediately when the ticket status is set to Solved. If you are using CSAT surveys, we recommend that you keep at least a small time buffer between solving and closing a ticket, to avoid any conflicts. 


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