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  • Kristen

    @... or @...

    Hi Jessie and Dennis! I was under the impression that the time log would stamp regardless of if the agent has submitted the ticket (bottom right hand corner). From playing around with this, it seems like the time is only stamped when it is submitted. Is this correct and part of the intentional design?

    Is there anywhere we can see the raw tracking regardless of if an agent submits it? Is there anywhere we can see the date of when the agent was on the ticket?

    Thank you!

  • Keiko I.

    Hi Kristen,

    Yes, the time tracking app does work based off submission so if an agent does not update the ticket it does not track their time.


    Keiko Ishida | Technical Support Engineer - Tier 2

  • Florian Hendrickx


    Can someone clarify a few things for me.
    This has been running for some time and i'm trying to understand the data:

    1) Auto pause is enabled so does this mean that the time spent i'm seeing is only when the ticket was the active tab in a browser window? Imagine a user has two active windows on 2 screens and the windows have with multiple tab, but the active tab in one of the windows is the ticket. And the active tab in the other windows is a totally different domain/software. Is it counting?
    2) What happens if i turn off auto pause ? Will it be counting any open tab with a ticket?
    3) What is total time spent since last update? Does this mean that the agent has not submitted but is logging time? To monitor if they're updating? Or does this mean like client-facing updates?

  • Marco
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Florian,

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this.

    1. If the ticket is still the active tab in the window, the time would still continue running. Though I do understand what you're saying since you have another screen. When the article about the time tracking app mentioned that it pauses when switching to another tab, it meant the ticket tabs within Zendesk when you are working on multiple tickets at the same time, and not the browser tabs. Sorry for the confusion here.

    2. If auto-pause is turned off, then yes. As long as a ticket is opened by an agent, even if it is not the active tab it will continue running. So for example you opened ticket 1, then opened ticket 2 and worked on it for 15 minutes, then went back to ticket 1 to work on it for another 15 minutes, then ticket 1 would show 30 minutes since it was open though it was in an inactive tab.

    3. Total time since last update starts from when the last update was submitted, instead of when the ticket was opened by an agent.

    Hope this answered all your questions!


    Marco M. | Zendesk Support

  • Derek Rhodes

    I tried this app out in my organization. Had to uninstall as the requirement to have the two custom fields on each and every ticket form does not suit our environment.

    Use Case:

    We have 3 separate departments (or Groups) that utilize Zendesk as a ticketing system, each with their own ticket forms applicable to the type of requests they receive. We only want to use the time tracking app in one of those Groups and have it only be visible to agents in that Group.

    Setting up the app, we had added the two time tracking custom fields to each ticket form in our Zendesk environment and had configured the app to only be accessible to one Group. With that said, it works for the one Group that has access however the other Groups see the two custom fields on the agent view.

    Seems like an all-or-nothing type of solution.

  • Fabian Krenz

    Dear Zendesk Support, 

    we're currently setting up the Time Tracking app and would like to know, if there is any possibility to delete particular times out of the tracking app?!

    Following use case: an agent is typing the wrong time by accident, and would like to correct this time. Once a time is set, there seems to be no chance to delete the wrong time? A small button for each time would be great. Maybe make this as as option which can be activated in the settings... this small function would be important to us.

    Many thanks, 

  • Timothy Hanchard
    Hi Fabian and Derek, 

    Thanks for reaching out to Zendesk. At the moment, I believe this isn't possible but I'm confirming that on my end.
    Best regards,
  • Dana Barker

    We have found that if you add the negative number that reflects the time you want to remove, it will deduct from the overall time. Not sure if that helps at all but thought I would share! 

  • Povilas Kaminskas


    does anybody know if there are any tools to analyze this log data - how much time agents spent on all tickets per day. what type of tickets took most time. and etc. 

  • Matthew Roark

    Unfortunately, Dana Barker's previous suggestion is no longer a viable workaround; I'm unable to submit a negative time as it throws an error: "Invalid time format, expected HH:mm:ss". Administrators and agents alike need a way to modify timings if this is not available otherwise (which I'd prefer there to be an actual implementation vs a workaround).

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Matthew -
    Welcome to the community! For better visibility to our product team, would you mind posting your feedback to our Feedback - Platform: Apps & Integrations community topic, using this Template? That way other users can upvote your idea and add their own comments to it. Thanks!
  • Dave Dyson
    HI Kirsten,
    I think we had some issues with our chatbot this morning - can you give it another try when you get a chance?
  • Kirsten Penaloza

    Hi, fyi, the link above under "Time Tracking app error message" gives a "oops - The page you were looking for doesn't exist" result.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Kirsten,

    Thanks for sharing this with us! This is the correct link to the article:

    I'll let our documentation team know that this article needs to be updated.
  • Qin Brian

    We have installed time tracking and activated both fields, but there was no data to show.

    Can Zendesk help?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Hi Qin,

    I have created a ticket for you to investigate on this behavior. Please wait for my update via email.

  • Shmuel Holzman
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Derek Rhodes Perhaps trying using form conditions to 'hide' these fields as often as possible? Simply add a condition to the other 2 forms that the time-tracking fields should only appear when making a different selection (choose the least-used ticket field) and then the other 2 groups will rarely see the time-tracking fields. 

    Of course, this isn't a total solution but it might be somewhat helpful. 

  • Michael Bui

    The time tracking app used to work on the Zendesk mobile app but not longer appears to be visible in it, nor can your record the time spent.

    Is time tracking still available for the Zendesk mobile app?

  • Occasionally, agents forget that they have the ticket open and will respond to it several hours later. This of course skews our reporting. Is there a way to edit the agent submissions? Or add some kind of logic that if an update submission exceeds X minutes, to use the average instead? Thanks!

  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    The agent time entered can be edited by the agent when the time is submitted, after this step you can as well edit the time by submitting negative time updates to a ticket via the Time Tracking app
    More information in our article : Can I subtract time from the Time Tracking app?
    I hope this helps,
  • mfg

    I would like for our Team Lead and Admin roles to have visibility into the ticket fields when looking at individual tickets. I'd like to hide the app and fields from standard agents.

    By design, agents with access to the app won't see the custom fields on their tickets. If you enable role restrictions, roles that don't have access to the app will see the custom fields on their tickets.

    If I enable group-based restrictions rather than role-based restrictions, will groups without access see the fields?

    If I don't enable either role- or group-based restrictions, does that mean nobody would see the fields?


  • Shaz Usman

    We're not able to see the timelogs any more.   The tickets state "No timelogs to display" and the time tracking continues to add to the overall time only. 

    Tried disabling/enabling the "Display timelogs to agents" setting in the app and also uninstalling/reinstalling but same behavior. 

    Any suggestions on what we can try?

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi mfg,

    I would like to ask for further details as to what you're trying to achieve in setting up the Time Tracking app.

    I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf and let's continue from there. Kindly look out for an email notification. For now, keep safe! :)

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Shaz,

    I think it is best if I create a ticket on your behalf to further understand what issue you're currently experiencing regarding the Time Tracking app.

    Kindly wait for an email notification regarding this ticket. For now, stay safe! :)

  • Shaz Usman



    It looks like it started working again.  We're able to see each individuals time on the timelogs section in each ticket now so we're good. 

  • Permanently deleted user

    Is it possible to consolidate the times per agent?

    For e.g. instead of having 5 entries for agent A, 3 for agent B, 7 for agent C,  the consolidated log would show one entry of cumulative time for agent A, one entry for agent B, and one for C?


  • Allen Lai | Head of CX at

    Is it possible to add some intelligence to know when an agent has gone idle and automatically pause the timer? I understand the agent may navigate away from a ticket to try and reproduce the issue or perform additional research, but we're constantly running into issues where an agent opened a ticket, walked away from their computer, come back to the ticket 30 minutes later, and forget to refresh their browser.

    Time Doctor has this feature and is very helpful.

  • CCal


    Using PUT request, Is it possible to pass new values to the "Time spent last update (sec)" field?

    I tried using a PUT request with the appropriate "id" and "value" as described here :Creating and updating tickets | Zendesk Developer Docs

    But I do not see the time updated in the ticket when refreshing the ticket page.
    However, when I run a GET request on the ticket, I can see that the new value is there.

    I thought this might be a refresh issue, so I went to the ticket on the browser and manually updated the ticket, but alas, I cannot see the value i passed in the PUT request.

    So, is it even possible to pass values via PUT requests?

  • Molly Katolas
    Zendesk Luminary

    Heyya friends - we usually work with multiple screens and browsers with multiple tabs. If an agent opens a ticket and keeps the browser tab open but with another application overtop the Zendesk UI, will the timer keep running? It sounds like it will, but looking for confirmation. 

  • Chris Wooten
    Zendesk Luminary

    Molly Katolas as long as the ticket you are on stays open the time will still be counting. You should be able to test this.


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