Configuring data sync from Salesforce to Zendesk

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  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HeyO William Grote

    In terms of tickets synced to SFDC to create Cases and the setting mentioned above for "create requester if no match" - that's an all-or-nothing for any ticket sent to salesforce its requester will try to create a contact/lead if no match is found. 

    That having been said, it is possible to be a bit more selective about which tickets get sent over to SFDC by modifying the trigger used to send those - by adding conditions to the trigger to only send certain types of tickets, this may be a way to tackle this. 

    I've also seen customers handle this on the SFDC side with some custom logic therein. They wanted to send over all their tickets, but only create the contact when certain things were true. They basically handled the contact-creation via a custom flow/workflow process, executing based on certain conditions related to case-fields. I'm afraid I'm not sufficiently well-versed in SFDC to give more specifics than that, but I know it's possible.

    As for the error message you're seeing, that sounds like a good reason to contact our support team directly so they can take a closer look. 

  • Anika Rani
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We have made an important enhancement to the Salesforce Integration Contact sync feature, for syncing to multiple organization memberships.

    We now support the ability to sync both primary and secondary relationships to Zendesk organization memberships. In Salesforce you can have a Contact belong to multiple accounts (a primary account and multiple secondary accounts). These relationships can now both be reflected in Zendesk as Organization memberships. 

    We are rolling this out gradually over the next few weeks. If you are interested, please reach out to Zendesk Support to get access. 

  • Yoram



    THis article needs to be validated.

    The menu items in Salesforce have changed and it is difficult to follow the setup

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HeyO Yoram,

    I'd be happy to flag this article for checking by our documentation team, but I'd like to be sure we tackle the known issues as soon as possible. Was there a specific menu item that's called out which you know has changed? Thanks!

  • Yoram

    Hi Dwight,

    In `general, all of the articles related to the integration should be validated, this is not the only article relating to SFDC that needs to be fixed.


    For example, in this article, 


    This is now under "Administrative Permissions"


    THis is also wrong: and it is under "Standard Object Permissions"


    Basically, SFDC changed the naming of their categories.

    I remember having some issues also with the other related SFDC integration articles, so I suggest validating them all.




  • Elisabeth Cleveland

    Will the new Zendesk Lookup fields be available for mapping with Salesforce in the near future? 

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    heyO Elisabeth Cleveland

    I don't know for certain, but I doubt that Zendesk lookup fields will be made available to map (in the near or long-term), as the records they're looking up wouldn't have the same values as the records from Salesforce (the fields themselves would store a relationship with a Zendesk record-id that wouldn't be known in Salesforce).

    If that's a feature that would be of major use to you, I recommend posting that request in our Product Feedback forum so that other users could vote in support of it

  • Kittipoom Wongfu

    Dwight Bussman
    How to mapping the Salesforce field with custom ZD field?
    I've create field "Employee" on Salesforce And "No of employee" on ZD.
    but I can't see the custom field ZD to map with.

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Kittipoom Wongfu

    If you created "No. of employee" field as a User field in Zendesk, I would expect it to show up there. You may have to refresh the Admin Center page before it will appear. If you're still having difficulties, please contact our support team to look into that more closely.


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