Deactivating and deleting brands

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  • Stephen Kairys


    We're currently feeling the pain of accidentally deleting a brand with apx. 100 articles in Guide.

    So, I'm wondering:

    When you delete an article it first becomes archived. You then have to delete the archived version.

    Could the same be implemented for brands? Not just the articles but any global settings/customizations, etc. (e.g., our brand had a ToC configured that applies to all articles.)

    Thank you.


  • Afabio Junior
    Hey there, Stephen

    When a brand is deleted, all of its content is deleted with it. As you can see in the following image below, when you are performing this action a pop-up window message appears to indicate all the implications related to it:

    I completely understand the frustration behind this. I can see in our system that you have already a ticket opened related to this matter and it's being addressed by one of our Customers Advocates.

    I certainly agree with you that your suggestion regarding this topic it's a viable implementation to consider. To increase its visibility, would you mind creating a post in our Feedback on Guide topic? Thanks!
  • Stephen Kairys

    I'll add that suggestion, either Monday, or (more likely) when I return to work in January after holidays. Thanks for responding and have a great holiday weekend.

  • Operator AV-1544


    Has anyone ran into this issue?  Trying to delete a brand (it has no tickets associated with it). It was just created as a test brand.  When trying to delete it, it just stays on the screen where it asks you to confirm or cancel.  Once you get to that screen, you can click Confirm or Cancel, but nothing will happen. You cannot even hit the little x button to close that window.  It just stays there.  The only way to go away from this page is to refresh the whole page, which will bring you back to the brands page and the brand will still be there.

    Essentially, you are not allowed to delete the brand, but it gives you the option and when it does, it just freezes.  

    Trying to deactivate it and exact same issue.

    Oh, I am using Firefox for this and have tried Chrome as well.

    Any ideas?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Operator AV-1544,
    We noticed that you submitted a separate ticket conversation and one of our support team members already attended and doing some initial troubleshooting to narrow down the scope of the issue. Again apologies for the inconvenience this cause you!
    Thank you!

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