Using the multiple organizations feature in the Salesforce integration

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  • Adam Reid (Zendesk Administrator)

    We are currently investigating this feature to potentially enable the multiple organization with the Salesforce integration. I have a couple of question I hope you'll be able to confirm:

    1. If a user belongs to two organizations in Zendesk and one account is the default account, how does that default and secondary org interact with the Salesforce integration. Will it show their Zendesk tickets in Salesforce "Ticket View" feature under both respective orgs or only the default org set in Zendesk?

    2. Can the Salesforce integration handle maintaining users in their multiple organizations without agents or Admins having to manually add users to more organizations?
      (we ideally want Salesforce to be the source of truth for which organizations our users belong to, which is what we are currently doing I'm just not 100% on how the multi orgs would behave)

    3. At the moment for the user we use the integration feature, how would this work with multi orgs enabled. 

      Synced user mapping
      Select a Salesforce contact field to display the synced Zendesk record ID.

    4. For this following rule "Organization memberships are only added, not deleted" . Would we need to manually remove the membership in Zendesk, and would that be achieved by manually removing the org from the end-users profile? 

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