Blocking unwanted callers

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  • Sydney Neubauer

    What does the end-user hear when they dial a number in Zendesk? I have tested on 5 numbers and experienced 4 different behaviors:

    1. Call rings but stops after the first few rings
    2. Dial tone sound after initial ring
    3. Long dial tone after initial ring
    4. They get a message "You call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again"

    Is there a reason as to why they get different behaviors depending on the number you call? Is there a way to make it more uniform or customize a notification?

  • Oscar Mejias

    Hi Sydney,

    Thanks for getting in touch with the Zendesk Customer Advocacy team, and apologies for the delayed response; we've been dealing with a high volume of tickets lately.

    Depending on the routing options you've set up for each one of your numbers, callers might be presented with a different experience depending on the greetings, agent availability, and other factors while they are being routed.

    In general, what you can see in this article, is the order in what greetings play:

    Note that also depending on the agent's availability, the experience will also be different. This article also touches on how calls are routed to agents:

    Having said this, can you please let me know:

    • What are the different numbers you have been testing and what has been the experience for each one?
    • Do you have any ticket examples that we can take a look at to confirm how the call was routed?

    I'll be looking forward to your answer.


    Oscar Mejias |
    Customer Advocacy Lead |

  • Sydney Neubauer

    @... this is for calling from a blocked number. There shouldn't be any routing or ticket examples as no tickets were created. 


    I am not comfortable listed the exact numbers but will list the prefixes:

    1. 1-855, 1-818, 1-888 numbers: Call rings but stops after the first few rings
    2. 1-833, 1-581, 1-778 numbers: Dial tone sound after initial ring
    3. 1-800 numbers: They get a message "You call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again"
  • Oscar Mejias

    Hi Sydney!

    Thanks for replying and apologies! For some reason, I thought I was getting in touch with you via email and not via this post.

    I've now created a ticket so that we can continue looking into this issue for you.


  • Larry Click

    We have spam callers calling from +1 (303) 123-6789 yet Zendesk will not allow it to be blocked as it says "Invalid phone number. The number must use the E.164 international number format."

    How can we block this number?

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Larry,

    Thank you for messaging us.

    The error message means the number must be in the e.164 format including +1 before the number.

    Example: +12055752345

    Here's an article as a reference how to block numbers: Blocking unwanted callers


  • Jamey Schrick

    I am the account owner and Talk Admin, but the Talk channel settings I can access do not look like the example. I see Talk Team, rather than Talk Professional. There is no Blocked numbers tab. I changed myself to just a Talk agent and that didn't help.

    I don't understand how to reach the same Channel settings as described above.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jamey,
    In order to use this feature, you'll need to upgrade to Talk Professional. For information on how do that, see About Zendesk account types for billing and subscription management
    If you're interested, I can have your account manager reach out as well – let me know if you'd like me to set that up.

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