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  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi there, 

    Thank you for your feedback on this article! If you have a moment, please post your feedback in the Explore feedback Community Section so our Product Managers can review it and other users can upvote your suggestion. 

    I'd like to offer the following resources we have for moving from Insights to Explore! Our Product Teams are working to address any feature parities and please get in contact with your account representative with any concerns on the Insights EOL timeline and assistance in migrating to Explore. 

  • Mark Leci

    There's some misleading terminology used here that has been causing problems for my team. 'Create Reports' allows users to create queries, which implies that queries are reports. That makes sense because the query is the actual data. But 'view reports' doesn't allow people to view queries. 

    In fact there is no way for me to give access for people to view queries, if I want to let someone see a query, I have to add it to a redundant dashboard, which just adds to the already cluttered list of Explore reports and dashboards. 

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Mark!

    I hope all is well. Thanks for the feedback on this! I understand it may be a bit confusing for the roles with "view reports". For these roles, they can only View Explore dashboards/reports that have been shared with them in Zendesk (Explore Professional and Explore Enterprise plans only). For now, that is the only and more secure way to make these roles access the feature.
    We appreciate your feedback and we understand that sharing the Dashboard might not be the most convenient way for you. While there is no faster way, please, kindly check this article for how to share a Dashboard with your agents:,dashboard's%20name%20and%20select%20Share.
    I hope this helps! Thanks!!!
  • Ronald

    Can somebody help me understand the permissions associated with the following roles?

    Under the basic roles I'm not clear on this one:
    Editor -- Edit created and shared dashboards, reports, and datasets

    Under custom roles not sure I understand this one:
    Create reports -- Edit created and shared dashboards, reports, and datasets

    What specifically can be edited exactly? Does this allow any Explore user with these roles/permissions to edit any report or dashboard? Or only those dashboards or reports that have been shared with them/created by them directly?

    We have PMs that want to be able to create reports and as Zendesk admin I'm not sure if that means they would be able to edit reports and dashboards that I've created. I would not want them to be able to accidentally change a dashboard (particularly because there is no way to undo changes) or accidentally delete or change a report because if they can see everything it's just a big mess of reports and hard to keep track of them in the Explore UI.

  • Nacho Santana
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Ronald,

    Hope all is well. Regarding these 2 roles, they can specifically edit the following:

    -Dashboards that have been shared with them. If it is not shared, they won't have access to it.

    -Queries are a bit different, they don't have a sharing option, but they are visible and editable to those agents with these roles and access to the dataset. Here in this article, you can find information about the dataset permissions.

    I hope this help. Have a great day!

  • Denise Dewell

    Hi Nacho Santana

    Following on from the conversation above regarding not being able to set permissions on reports, are you aware if this is something that will be updated?

    We don't want to restrict a user from a dataset, however users should also not be able to edit other user reports.

    What is the point in locking down who can edit a dashboard, when the underlying reports can be changed?

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Denise,
    At the moment there isn't any plan to have this feature updated but rest assure once there is an update on report permissions it will immediately be posted.

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