How do I analyze and improve my IVR tree with reporting?

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  • Chris Sinclair

    Would be great to know which IVR option was selected, rather than just the end destination. We have multiple IVR options we use to try and separate request types which I'd like to report on (i.e, 3 options, two go to the same team, one to an external number). 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    We have quite an extensive IVR selection and one of which goes to an external number. We are needing to see how many times they go to that external number. If volume is low, then we can retire it. We can't see on the external end because the number is also publicly listed and can be dialed directly.

    We need the ability to see how many times the external number is directed to from within the IVR

  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sydney!

    You can report on this in Explore with the attribute Call IVR destination. This will return the group or external number of the IVR route. Here is a relevant Explore recipe, but instead of destination group, you can filter using the destination number. Full details here: Explore recipe: Reporting on IVR destination group. Hope that helps! 

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