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  • Patrick Morgan

    I'm wondering why I would show different totals for articles for the "All Articles" list filtered for Published articles (419) and using the "Published" list (440). I shouldn't have any published content in other languages, so I'm trying to understand the difference.

    (If it helps troubleshoot, it appears as if the published articles pulled through the API reflects the same count as the All Articles list (419)

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Patrick,

    I see that you already raised a ticket with us related to this matter. Kindly check your email for updates. Thank you!
  • Elizabeth Brown

    Hi Zendesk,

    I've noticed today (1st of the month) that Zendesk lists my articles shows precise Last Edited times and dates...except when the month changes. 

    So today's work (1 Sept) is logged down to minutes and hours.

    Yesterday's work (31 August, 1 day ago) is shown as "1 month ago" rather than "1 day ago".

    I think this display is a bug, because the work I did yesterday wasn't done a month ago. 

    The correct editing date is available from the article versions. 

    Can you advise on how to address this? I can't find any article other than this one about formatting the internal lists of articles. 

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Elizabeth,

    I created a ticket on your behalf, and I'll continue to assist you from there. Kindly check your email for updates. Thank you!
  • Casey Birkholz

    Can someone confirm if it is a bug or intended that the Edited column reflects 1 month ago, 2 month ago, etc. (Elizabeth's comment above). This is how ours works too - I would really love to see the exact date rather than rounding and just displaying how many months ago each article was edited. 

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Casey,
    Yes, the Edited column in the articles will show days ago, weeks ago, or months ago instead of a specific date. What you are seeing is the current expected behavior.
    Although we appreciate your input! You may share feedback with our Product team to let them know that you would prefer to show the exact date in that column. If you have some time, you can start a post about this on our Feedback - Help Center (Guide). Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. You may also use our Product Feedback Post Template. Thank you! 
  • Josh

    Is there a way for customers to view a collection of articles? For example, viewing by the ZD Guide categories/sections and then another way to view it by a custom curated list we make? Think "browse by topic" or "browse by job title" so end users can view things in different ways? 


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