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  • Diego Hernandez

    When I preview my theme via $zat theme preview and paste the /start link in my Chrome URL, I receive a 'blocked by CORS policy' error in the console. The origin is my own subdomain URL as expected, and it attempts to fetch at *myMappedDomain*/hc/activity. , which is a URL that throws a 404 error so as far as I can tell, the theme loads trying to fetch data from a page that doesnt exist. This is not part of our code in the templates.

    I did allow for mixed contents to be loaded as per a this article, but there is no mention specifically about the CORS issue.

    While I do use ZAT Tools in this case the troubleshooting step of the Troubleshooting CORS article:

    As part of the Apps framework, a back-end proxy server is available via the client.request() call. Use this proxy by setting cors:false in the client.request's settings (note: false is also the setting's default value).

    does not help since I have the "special case" of previewing the Zendesk Theme which I downloaded from the Guide, there are no explicit client requests being made in the theme files .



  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Diego,

    We have the CORS Troubleshooting that will surely help you find a solution for this issue.

    All the best


  • Miguel Romero

    "Important: If you set up an integration with GitHub, making any modifications to your theme in Guide will break the GitHub integration."

    Is there any way to reverse this?


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Miguel,
    As it turns out, the only method is to perform the integration again once it breaks.

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