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  • Pedro Rodrigues (
    Community Moderator

    This is a really useful feature! While we do have a useful "(any)" option, however, an "(absent)" option would also come in very handy.

    Use case: I'm currently doing a routine trigger clean-up regarding schedules, and it would be useful to have a search condition that would show me all triggers where there isn't a schedule being applied (this might sound pointless, but when you have hundreds of triggers to review, it becomes a bit more challenging).

    This would also be valid for other similar search conditions (status, brand, ticket form, etc.).

    Also desperately in need of of @...'s suggested tweak: "retain the specified search terms when returning from an edit"

  • Jared Vicencio

    How come I don't have this feature in my Admin Settings?  I only have an Overview, Apps, Manage, and Channels features in my Settings.  How can I pull these features out?

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    Are you sure you have the Admin role? 

    Your list looks like an agent's selection.

  • Jared Vicencio

    Thanks.  Yes, it seems I still have Agent role only.  Now I have Admin access and can see this.  :)

  • Taryn


    Each trigger has the ability to show how many tickets were affected by the conditions and actions. Is there a way I can view/search which tickets had that trigger action apply? For example in the attachment, can I view the 5933 tickets in a list somewhere?

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Taryn,
    At the moment there isn't a report/view available that will specifically show which tickets a trigger has fired upon.
    The workaround would be to add a condition in your trigger that will add a unique tag to the ticket.
    This way you can use the tag as part of the View condition or report in Explore that will display the tickets that has the tag.
    Hope this helps!
  • Daniel Slapo

    We have added more items into our Guide area and will be asking our clients to actually sign in.  This will require them to have a PW if they are currently signed in and if someone is new setting up their account.  

    Is there a way I can set up a trigger when someone adds themselves to our database for access? 

    Example: Dan Smith has never signed in to the Guide area and sets up his profile, I would like to get notification of him registering.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    @daniel slapo

    There are no triggers in Guide, only in Support.
    There is no way to do what you want.

    The clever alternative would be a message to your dear users elaborating your change in procedures, and pointing out that they can set their password using the sign-in screen‘s forgot password link. Include screenshots, by all means.

  • Adar Earon

    Something had changed with the trigger search lately (since the filters moved to the right of the admin screen), and as a result, there is a new limitation - a regression in this very needed tool -  to be able to pick up an organization name from a very long list.
    I opened a ticket with the support team and received the unacceptable answer that this is expected behavior in accounts where there's a large number of organizations. It is  expected that dropdown options wouldn't automatically populate if you have over 100 organizations in your account.
    We have thousands of organizations as we are a large enterprise company, and so far, I felt that Zendesk is a good solution for a company of our size.Now, i am less sure... 
    Please fix it. 
    If this is a real limitation, I would expect this to be documented in this article. 


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