Creating pre-filled ticket forms

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Sam! Something like this may be specific to your IdP, however this external article shows how you can use cookies, which might work for you. I'd recommend checking with your IdP to see how that data is handled and passed back to us after login.

  • Sam

    Hello Greg Katechis

    The problem does not come from our LdP.

    The problem comes from the connection url generated by Zendesk. 
    For example, on this page: 

    the connection url generated by Zendesk will be: "/hc/fr/signin?"
    The parameter "tf_subject" is not present. 

    Testing with an unknown parameter, like lorem_param=lorem ipsum, the parameter is well preserved. 
    For example, on this page: https://mywebsite.zendesk/hc/fr/requests/new?ticket_form_id=123456789&lorem_param=lorem%20ipsum
    the connection url generated by Zendesk will be : 

    Can you check why Zendesk does not generate a connection link with all the tf_ parameters?


  • Salim Moumouni

    Is is possible to get formatting like the below?

  • Remi Saumet
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Greeting Sam,

    Thank you for your reply. Hope you are doing well today !

    In order to make this work and pass multiple parameters in your URL, you will have to "encode" your URL.

    Example :

    should be encoded as :


    I ran this test on my JWT SSO using the "return_to" parameter and this works like a charm!

    See attached gif. (right click on it and "open in new tab" to see the gif in full size)

    Hope this clarifies it! Have a great rest of your day.

    Best regards,

  • Salim Moumouni

    In reference to my earlier post, I'm trying to see the possibility of adding point forms and indentation/spaces in the description field. See format 

  • Agent Test

    Hello, I have a scenario where I couldn't get an answer about.

    Scenario : The end user is connected on the help center and wants to submit a new request. There's a field where he must enter his contract number each time he submits a request.

    Problem : How can we automatically fill the "Contract number" field for each request by an end user ( We can only get the information about the "Contract number" ticket field on the new page request from a user field called "CO" on our domain).

    Thank you !

  • Jorge Moreno

    Hi, good idea, I have three things I wanted to ask/suggest:

    - Is it possible to prefill using a macro, any way to apply a macro using url?
    - If not possible, how do I go about prefilling the description field with several paragraphs and bulletpoints?
    - Any chance that you can add pre-filling functionality to ticket form settings instead? This is a good start but a bit messy for complex settings and it would be perfect to have pre filling as an action on the conditions of the form instead.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Agent Test,
    You will not be able to automatically fill up the Contract Number if the value resides on a user field. What you can do is utilize Ticket Update API via webhook and user triggers to automatically populate each created ticket for your users with the values from the user field. A similar method was utilized here.
    As it turns out, it's not possible to use macro with the method mentioned in this article. I'll mark this as a feedback so as to bring this to the attention of our Product Managers. I'd recommend creating a Community post separately for that with your use case to help get more visibility and votes on the idea. Then, others can share their use cases to further drive demand for that feature. 
  • Julien MCC

    I have the same problem as Sam with SSO / JWT.

    Only the ticket_form_id is kept in the redirect_to field.

    Remi Saumet the return_to value is encoded by Zendesk itself  but in your demo, the return_to seems hard coded in your JWT snippet.

    In most cases, the link to the prefilled form must include dynamic data from other systems like order id.

    I think the built-in SSO function should encode all the parameters itself.


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