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  • Jay Krishnan


    How does "Hour of day" trigger condition work with respect to the Timezone we have setup in our Chat Settings? We have the Timezone as UTC-6; however if we try to use the Hour of day condition, it says Hour of Day is UTC timezone.

    Please advice how the two settings work. Thanks in advance.


  • Steven Hampson

    Is there a way to route chats based on the visitor email domain? We have email address as 'required' on the pre-chat form, but the 'set visitor department' action says it is only available when the widget is loaded - but the visitor will not have had a chance to enter their email address by this point. 

    Our customers have specific requirements so agents are trained to handle certain customers. Therefore we need to route to groups based on the visitor organization. Thanks. 

  • Anais

    Jay Krishnan The trigger is in UTC and completely ignores the timezone you have set up. You have to convert yourself your timezone into UTC time when you set up the condition of the trigger. 

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Steven Hampson,

    You can use the Identify function –zE('webWidget', 'identify', data<object>); to capture the user's info including the organization data. Then, you can use departments.select, –chat: { departments: { select: 'hr' to set the visitor department based on the user info pulled up.

    This should allow you to route chats from organization to the right department and agents. For reference, you can check out this page to see all the commands that you can use to customize the behavior of your web widget: Settings reference.

  • Leo Medalla

    Trigger not firing when conditions are met.
    Visitor is requesting for chat but has not sent a chat yet.


    as per the trigger condition.

  • Lea Møller Baun

    Is there anyway to set a condition that makes it only fire if the agent has assigned themself/taken the ticket? I see the "Visitor served" condition, but as I understand it has to be both taken and responded by the agent. 

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Lea! Visitor served is the closest we have. However, if you need a condition that will work for assigned tickets, I would suggest submitting product feedback here: Feedback - Chat and Messaging (Chat)
  • Bill Reed

    I am trying to test a trigger based on "When a visitor has loaded the chat widget" but nothing is happening.

    Is this because of our widget settings in Support? In that it tries to deflect via a Help Center search and then displays the contact form?

  • JR Lausin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Bill, I will create a ticket for your concern you should receive an email about the ticket.
  • Fiona

    What do I need to do to exclude mobile users? 

    Visitor platform > does not contain > ios

    Visitor platform > does not contain > android

    That doesn't seem to work... what should I be doing? Thanks


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