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  • Ben Fulton

    Regarding bulk update of existing users, I think we can muddle through by using bulk export to get the list and then perform a bulk update. However, bulk verification does not solve our email verification problem. What we are looking for there is a way to simply skip the verification process for each user with one of our internal domains *as they are created*, rather than after the fact in bulk.

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
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    @... - At my company, we're using Zapier to automate the email verification process for new users in Zendesk. It's surprisingly simple to setup thanks to Zapier's integration with Zendesk (although Zendesk is a Premium integration, so access will be dependent on your Zapier plan) so worth checking out if you happen to use Zapier as well.

    My Zap looks something like this:

    Trigger: Zendesk App > New User in Zendesk

    Action: Zendesk App > Update User in Zendesk > changes Verified to True.

    You should be able to customize the zap further if there are just specific users you'd like to auto-verify, but figured it was worth sharing in case it'd be helpful for your use case.

  • Kelsey Mrkonic

    I'm looking to use a trigger to assign all requestors on tickets with a specific tag to be added to a certain organization


    i.e. if a ticket has tag: xyz, requestor organization: abc

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kelsey,

    You can actually make use of the following options below to add tags and other user data in bulk for your users and for your organization/s:

    Bulk importing users

    How can I bulk update users?


  • Ahmad Aoun

    If we add a new org with "Can view own tickets only", then we give a user "Can view tickets from user's org" access...

    Will that single user receive notifications of new tickets logged by others in the same org and updates on them or would they need to check the tickets under the help centre "My Activity" to view any updates?


  • Chris Malarky

    I realise that this has been mentioned a few times, but the ability to only allow "Add Comments" at the Org level and not per-user still feels backwards.

    The usual request we get is that a select few admins at our customers want to be able to edit all tickets, and they are happy to have all users view all tickets, but never the other way around.

    Please consider this a feature request, thank you.

  • Dave Dyson

    @... They will not receive email notifications, unless they're the ticket requester of it they've been CC'd on the ticket. You're correct that they'd need to log in and check the tickets under the "My Activity" page.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback. For visibility by our product team, and to allow others to add their support via votes and comments, would you mind creating a post in our Feedback on Support topic and using our template to add the details of your use case? Thanks!

  • Dave Dyson

    Sorry I missed that, Chris - thanks for posting!

  • Cherry Min Wang

    I created an organization and set the access "Can view own tickets only" for it, but I set the access for the end users in this org as "Can view tickets from user's org". One of the user(end user 1) created some tickets and CC'd another user(end user 2), the end user 2 can only view those tickets in the tab "Requests I'm CC'd on" but not in the "Organization Requests" view.  I checked those ticket status, they are all in archived status. 

    Does the tab "Organization Requests" only include unarchived tickets?


    Is it possible to assign automatically an organisation based only on the brand? (specific dedicated support email)

  • Jira-Bot

    How do I unfollow this SPAM infested thread?

    Don't want more such emails as the above.

    Never mind. I found out! :P

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Alan, if you go to the top of this article, you should be able to click the "Unfollow" button. Sorry about the spam -- our spam filter catches a lot of it, but some slips through. We try to clean out the spam each day during the week, but if spam does make it past our filters, email notifications will be sent.
  • Stefano Nguma

    The article above states the following:

    "When you set up user mapping, users from the specified email domains are automatically added to this organization when they submit a request for the first time or register. "

    This statement implies that new accounts with that email domain will be added to the organization when they submit a reques for the fist time or register, however, I found out the hard way this statement is absolutely untrue. All existing users created prior to me adding the domain were automatically assigned to the organization. According to the article:

    "Important: If a user from the specified domain submitted a ticket before user mapping was configured, you must add them to the organization manually. They won't be added automatically." 

    Can Zendesk please clarify how things are supposed to work for existing users?

  • Hervin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Stefano,
    In doing a bit of testing on my own account, I found that the behavior you experienced with user mapping appears to be expected. I created a new organization and set up user mapping for a domain in which I had a number of verified users, and I was able to replicate this across different organizations I created.
    It appears that this article does not give a hard limit to the situations that users will automatically be added to an organization, and I think that can be clarified in the text. It seems that user mapping will automatically add verified users when a domain is added to an organization, If the user is unverified, they will not.
  • Richard Dawson

    Is there a way to automatically assign a group to a new organization?  We are using Zapier to create new organizations and we have multiple brands so I'd like to be able to automatically add a group to the organizations.  I was thinking maybe with webhooks but wasn't sure how that would work.  Any suggestions?

  • Tod Brown
    Hi Alan,
    My name is Tod, and I am with the Zendesk Customer Advocacy Team.

    Regarding the inquiry about the automatic assignment of a group to an organization, you could do this via a trigger if you have brands that you want to use as the variable.
    Here's a screenshot I created in my test account, where a ticket is updated, and the brand is Brand-X, the organization is not blank, and the group is not Brand-X. It uses that to change it to Brand-X for the group, in the actions:

    This would work, but I'm not sure if it will work with your specific workflow in mind.

    Please do not hesitate to use a ticket ID in your account as an example in any elaboration on the wished-for workflow, so we can work on getting you there.
    Looking forward to helping you resolve this issue.

    Best regards,

  • Richard Dawson


    This updates the group on the ticket.  I want to update the group on the organization record when the organization is created which needs to happen before the ticket is created.

  • Alex McCracken

    Can we setup a 2nd orgnaisation by cloning the original, rather than setting up rules, triggers, etc from scratch?

  • antonio.lozano

    Hi Team , 

    My company  will be doing an Import via API for the users in our own software platform. Those users will be automatically asigned to an organization by default ( Users from Our platform)

    However , we have final users contacting which are not in our platform ,  we would like to automatically asign thoses to an Organization by default ( Users from Outside ) 

    Could you please advise ? 

    I thought about  using triggers put i see Organization is not in the Actions menu. 

    Thnaks a lot

  • GS Admin

    Hi ,

    Is there a way where i could limit that only Admin can create organisations , as for now all agents are able to create orgs and sometimes agents are creating 2-3 different organisations for one organisation.

  • Brandon Niblock


    I do not know where to post this so I will start here.

    I need a solution where we can list layers under an org so we can start tracking location and asset information for each contact.


    On the (support) ticket, having the ability to select the Org (if the customer has more than 1, otherwise it just has their org selected as normal) and then a drop down list populates for that org of their locations and once you select the proper location a drop down of the assets at said location shows.  

    Currently I don't see a way to do this without an external API (which we are doing but having it native would be a life saver).

    I am starting to implement some of our acquisitions into ZD and their CRMs seem to all have these options.  I have asked my account reps for this and nothing came to mind with them so hoping the community can help. 

    I would likely need to figure out a way to maintain it with some automations and have it connect to SAGE but that is a future me problem. 

  • RJ Hines

    "New tickets will now automatically be assigned to the selected group; however, business rules and agents may override this default group setting."

    Which scenario describes how this function runs?

    1. The group mapping logic applies before the existing triggers, and takes effect only if no other Group/routing is specified.
    2. The group mapping logic applies after the existing triggers, if no Group/routing is set before that point?

    We have several triggers that assign tickets to groups based on received at address (which is another long-standing issue), and I'd like to be able to update and use this functionality as part of that. However, we have a catch-all trigger, and if the function runs like scenario #2, then this would not work for us and I will not spend any time trying to use this feature.

    Thank you for any information on this!

  • Matt Bagnara
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Brandon Niblock 👋🏻 Thanks for reaching out and for your question.

    On the (support) ticket, having the ability to select the Org (if the customer has more than 1, otherwise it just has their org selected as normal) and then a drop down list populates for that org of their locations and once you select the proper location a drop down of the assets at said location shows. 

    I'm not sure I completely follow here, so just to clarify - in the scenario you described if I assign Org A to a ticket, it shows me a dropdown list of assets underneath that organization? In other words, a conditional field that only shows if a certain org is selected and assigned to a ticket?

    As a side note to your point on list layers under an org, one of the Product teams here at Zendesk is working on a new custom field type called lookup relationships announced here. This allows you to link orgs and other objects to another object. Not sure if it's helpful for your use case, but thought I'd mention it nonetheless!

  • Matt Bagnara
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi RJ Hines - my understanding is that scenario 1 is the closest description to what happens when a ticket is raised. I've attached the events from an example ticket that shows the ticket being created, assigned to Tier 2 agent group (which is the group assigned to the org "Big Box Company Ltd") and then reassigned to the Tier 3 agent group when the trigger kicks off. Does that answer your question?


  • Scott Dinner

    What is the maximum number of Organizations that can be created?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Scott, I don't think there's a specific limit, although there are some general data storage limitations: Data storage limits and adding more storage for Zendesk Support
    Do you have general idea how many you'd be wanting?
  • Scott Dinner

    No, was just curious is there was limit or cap on the number we could have within the platform.

  • Brettany Rhodes

    When setting an individual user to Can view all org tickets in their user profiles. Does this user have edit rights to all org tickets or is it view-only access?


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