Adding unified agent statuses

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  • Deniz Suat Oskaner

    Could we report times in creating status? For example I need to know which agent how mant time spent in these status?

  • Holly Jania

    Any updates to when this will be released to general ZD users? 

  • Sandbox Daniel

    Also interested in the ability to export report on time in the various status.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Daniel,

    I can confirm that this is something our Explore team is looking into so stay tuned! I'd recommend following our Announcements page if you haven't done so already for any updates we have to share including new releases :) Zendesk Announcements 
  • Felipe de Castro Jordão•

    Are there any plans for the chat feature to be included in this beta test?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Felipe,
    We are already transitioning to Messaging and we don't have any news yet if this will be available on the Classic Chat for this was primarily designed with Messaging and other main channels.
  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Alan apologies for the delay on replying to your question - could you describe the business rules you're concerned about creating a conflict for? Really, there is no risk of conflict, since the admin is creating a status like:

    Status: Messaging Only (Support: OfflineMessaging: Online, Talk: Offline).

    There's no risk of an agent going into a status that results in conflicting availabilities. If all channels are set to Online for a particular status (as with the forthcoming 'Online' status available in the EAP), it just means the agent will be able to receive inbound work from all three channels. I hope this helps but am happy to elaborate further!

  • Lauren Benkov

    What exactly does "work is added to the queue" mean for the away status? If we're making a custom status called "meeting" and someone could theoretically be in it for 1 hr or more, would that be correct or should we use offline? I wouldn't want work queueing for an agent for a long time and not get assigned to someone else. Thanks!

  • Mau
    Hi Lauren,
    Remember, when you create a custom agent status, you will have the ability to choose to define an agent's availability in Support and Messaging (online, away, transfer only, offline).
    If you create a new status called “In meeting”, you probably don't want the most time-sensitive channels of work routed to agents with this status. In that case, you could set Email (Support) to online, and Messaging to away. That would result in agents with the “In meeting” status only receiving tickets generated from Support email.

    You can also find this here.
  • Feng Gao

    Hi there,


    In case a ticket has been assigned to an agent, but the agent is on offline status, would there any impact on the SLA of this ticket? 

  • Lila Kingsley

    Can someone please clarify if custom agent statuses can be utilized on agent workspace independent of Omnichannel routing on an account using chat and not message?   The article says custom agent states become available once omnichannel is enabled, but I am trying to understand if there is a way to use custom states without using omnichannel.   

  • Holly Jania

    It would be great to have agent statuses without omnichannel

  • Irina Kurda

    Can you tell me if in the existing report on the status of agents we can see the status of "Transfer Only"?

  • Jen Cole

    Lila and Holley,

    I was told that you can enable omnichannel routing and then set the capacity to zero for each agent to prevent tickets from being auto-assigned/automatically routed. Then you can use the custom agent statuses. I am currently looking into this option in my sandbox environment to see if that would work as expected.

    However, I don't see a way for me to view which custom status each of my agents is currently in. We may hold off until we can see a list of our agents and which status they are in and possibly the ability for an Admin to make changes to those statuses. Also, I don't see a way to report time spent in each status yet. :)

  • Artur Olchowik

    Hi, is there a way to monitor agents' statuses from the admin perspective live time and manage it if needed? For example I've got an agent who's working but he set his status to `offline`. Am I able to change it if I'm a super user?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Arthur,
    For Talk, Admin can change agent status on the Talk Dashboard.
    It's not available for other Products. However, we already have it added on our roadmap where it will be integrated in our Live Dashboard. Please check the comment of our Community Manager.

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