Activating and deactivating subscriptions in Sell

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  • Diana Kurth

    Hi there, 

    as per today still no subscriptions available in our diverse Sell Accounts... is there a bug in ours or a general prob? :)

    thank you, br, D

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Thank you for bringing this up. Due to it being an account specific concern, I'll create a ticket for you. Please wait for an email update from one of our Advocate. 
  • DominicCX

    Hi Lovelies, 

    Any idea if Subscriptions added can appear in "Revenue this month"  or somewhere in the deals? I'd like to see how much that adds to all the sales coming into the company.



  • Emerald Coast Promotions

    This is huge! How strange is it to not add subscriptions into revenue? What did they think people needed that function for if not to track revenue? PLEASE FIX if anyone is "listening" lol Export to a .cvs file and you can actually see the data? Really? Wow...

  • Dominic Denison

    Would be great to have this populate from deals, which would mean it would need to be available in deals.  Would also be great to be able to cater for ARR as well as MRR.


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