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  • Daniel Velasque

    We have noticed that the flow does not start if you receive an image or a voice message as the first message from the client.
    Many people do not start a conversation flow by writing a text that says "hello" or another text, they directly send an audio or an image. It would be great if the flow would start automatically when faced with these non-text events. Is it possible to have that improvement?
    Agurated your comments to know what to respond to my clients.

  • Tony
    Hi Daniel,
    thank you very much for your suggestion. I assure you, your feedback is heard, and our team will have a look at it.
  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hello Team, we do have different kind of customers (based on class eg., a,b, & c). Is there a way or chance that this Zendesk native bot can identify that?

    First thing is the Intent but can't see anywhere if there's like a condition where to set if the customer is for example a VIP. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jahn,
    The bot does not have the capability to determine any form of customer type or tags. You can utilize tags in Flow Builder so that once the ticket has been created on the Transfer to Agent steps, you can use the appropriate triggers that can help with your use case. But if your main goal is to sort customers on the actual Flow Builder, it's not possible.
  • Marcin Rogalski

    We just setup a bot. And this enabled messaging for our site. Though previously we were using Chat and Support. So if we were online, customers had the Chat option and we could converse. Though after hours or if not online, they were presented with help and created a ticket for an email. We could then respond in the ticket system or through emails once available.

    Now with Answer Bot, I don't see a workflow to allow the customer to be transferred to email support. It just hangs on transferring you to an agent. And they wait indefinitely. How do we creat the flow to let the bot chat us if available or tell them we'll get back to them? 

    I see your Z Bot does this. Tells us it take 1 to 2 day to respond. I don't know if this is also dynamic so if we're online.

    We did already check and made sure our agents were offline in our support.


  • Tana

    Is there a way to have an answer recommend other answers similar to how the fallback standard response works? I don't want to have to build entire flows when an answer is already created for that particular flow, I just want to push users towards self-serving instead of using generic responses to be pushed to our messaging.

  • Christian de Heij

    Hi, we have a private knowledge base, only accessible by our customers.

    Why can't I use knowledge articles within the bot? As we don't want to have our knowledge base worldwide available.


  • Korisnička podrška (Igor)


    Could I set up working hours for chat bot?

    Lets say every day 00-08 hours when there is no agent online.

  • Max

    Hey there, so I have 2 questions :

    1. Information collecting fields : it would be nice to be able to make them mandatory o no. As in I give the customer the option to give more details, but he can just fill the mandatory ones if he wants (basically same behaviour as in the web form)

    2. I would love to activate the option where the "assistant/bot" recommends articles from the helpcenter based on what a customer is typing, however, it doesn't send a "Were these articles helpful? YES/NO" message, so after offering some articles, it's like the conversation ended if the customer doesn't risk himself typing something.. how to avoid that ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Marcin,

    In the Agent Workspace, the tickets created via Messaging are multi-channel, this means that you can change the channel of the Messaging ticket to reach out the customer. 

    To achieve this, you need to ask the name and email when transferring the end user to an agent, using the Ask for details step. 

    You can do this even if the customer is requesting to be transferred to an agent outside business hours. 

    For example, you can create a step with the Business hours step, this will allow you to transfer the customer when open and when closed, so when you have agents online (open), the bot will transfer the customer to an online agent, if you do not have agents online (closed) you can show a custom message to the customer and indicate that you are not available at the moment and we will contact you via email as soon as possible. 

    For more information, please review: Understanding answer flow step types

  • Nurlan Safarov


    When conversation ends with transferto agent , after that bot doesnt response anything. How i can fix this ?


  • Azat Faezov

    I have 100 answers. And I want to add the same scenario (begins with "Was this helpful" block) in each of 100 answers. What is the best way to do it if I can't copying and pasting steps between answers?

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Hello Azat,

    At this moment we can only suggest using Copy this and following steps option to simplify your Flow Builder workaround.  



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