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  • Abdullah Ali

    well-documented content 👍

  • Julien SERVILLAT

    Hello, do you know if the search crawler can be used to index content in a Jira Confluence site ? Many thanks !

  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Julien,

    Yes! The crawler can be used to index content from your Confluence site. If you are running into issues setting it up, please reach out to us directly for support.

  • Matt Farrington-Smith

    Hey Julien SERVILLAT did you manage to get this set up and working?
    @... we were told this wasn't possible, so am getting conflicting information...

  • Julien SERVILLAT

    Hello Matt Farrington-Smith, yes we managed to setup the crawler with Confluence. Indexing of the article works, we are just finalizing the upgrade of the theme to include the correct placeholders to return the results of federated search.

  • Cesar

    hello, the content of the crawler, after a search, is presented embedded or it is just a link that pops-out a window or tab to the external content? 

    I ask this because I am wondering if it make sense to host HTML content in a s3 bucket, without custom domain. if the crawler embeds the content, it doesn't matter not having a custom domain. different to the case if it pops-it out.

    I suspect not using the custom domain may create problems like the domain-verification rule..

    I hope my question makes sense!


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Cesar, and welcome to the community! 
    When users perform a search, relevant external content discovered by the crawler is ranked and presented on the search results page, where users can filter the results and click the links to view the external content link in another browser tab.
    For more information, see About Zendesk Federated Search
  • Marcus Ko


    Do we have guide on deploying search crawlers on MS Sharepoint?

  • Sarah Rebecca Miller

    Hello, Is the crawled external visibility set to Everyone? Is there a way to control the visibility settings of the crawled external content?
    We'd like to limit the crawled external content to agents and admins for one of our use cases but based on what's available in the settings, I assume that it's not possible.

  • Norm Van Eeden Petersman

    I'm having difficulties getting external content to show up for everyone in search results. I have enabled it and it is verified that the crawler is working. Am I missing something?

  • mfg

    When configuring the crawler, if you designate a site while including a subdomain, will the crawler cover the entire domain or just the subdomain?

    Is the crawler's verification tag persistent across crawlers or is a new one generated for each crawler? For instance, if I start configuring a crawler, copy the tag, but don't save the crawler because I don't have the sitemap URL, will that tag be the same when I go back to finish creating the crawler?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sarah,

    This is visible to Everyone and it is not possible to restrict it the same way as user segment for Help Center articles.
    Hi mfg,
    For every domain that you will designate for the crawler, it will have a different verification tag. Same goes if you will create another crawler for the same domain that has already been verified.
  • Chuck Mikuzis

    Has anyone attempted this with Madcap/Flare?   We're testing currently and and we're unable to verify the domain in our POC for a <companyname> domain.  I'm guessing it is because we don't own the Madcap domain of, am I right?  

  • System

    We are using an eccommerce platform that has their site index as storename/xmlsitemap.php

    looks like this requires it to be .xml? google crawler has no issue with our sitemap. What can i do?

  • Håvard Skare


    I am trying to set up a search crawler for our help desk. I have embedded the meta tag in the header of the target webpage, the url for the site and for the sitemap are both correct, but It still gives me a warning saying that the domain cannot be verified and that it cannot find the sitemap. What can I do? 


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