Troubleshooting the search crawler

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  • Susan Russell

    What do we do if we have the Locale not Detected error, but our pages have clear headers with lang="en" in them?

  • Global Support: Rein

    Susan Russell we experienced a similar issue, and it is because "en" isn't an officially supported language code. In Zendesk, the language can be either en-US or en-GB. See Zendesk language support by product. After we changed this in our documentation from "en" to "en-US", it could index the content and did not encounter the "Locale not detected" error anymore. Hope this helps resolve your issue too!

  • Jon Bolden

    We are experiencing an issue where the domain name is correct and setup correctly (matches the URLs being crawled) but still getting a Invalid url domain error. Has anyone else run into this problem?


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jon, 

    I noticed that one of your admin have submitted a ticket similar to this concern. Please keep track of that ticket for the resolution. 

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