Users are prompted for CAPTCHA when using my help center

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  • Liam Kelly

    No. This is not alright. Why did this just start happening? We have not requested any captcha be added to OUR site.  We do not use a proxy. 

    This will upset our customers, Slowing them down from getting their answer is the exact opposite reason for why we use Zendesk. 

  • Zachary Gilbert

    Yeah, I don't understand the desire to do this. I can understand if there is a comment abuse. But this is like an online store making you do a reCaptcha to buy something.


    Can you implement Google reCaptcha less reCaptcha?

  • Scott Alesci

    This is an awful experience for our reps who are frequently in the help center. Installing an extension is a poor solution.

  • Bill Moffitt

    Just to echo, this seems poorly thought-out. I'd like to see a MUCH more thorough explanation of the reasoning for this from Zendesk; if there isn't that much reasoning behind it, please rescind immediately.


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