Routing automatically triaged tickets using omnichannel routing

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  • Thomas (
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Let's say I want to route all Finance intents to the group Finance.

    Do I really need to add all 83 sub-intents of the Finance category to the trigger as rules? Cause that seems unmanageable, especially since the model gets updated from time to time (like just now with the addition of the new industries), which, I assume, will also update the list?

    Or am I missing a super obvious way to assign/capture all Finance intents in one go?


  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Thomas,
    For updating triggers in large volume, your best course of action is to do this via Update Many Triggers API.
    Hope this helps!
  • Jakub Tabaka

    Hello, can I get some clarification on the omnichannel routing please?

    If I was to use the Omnichannel routing with skills to route messaging tickets.

    I understand that in the first phase the skill routing takes place, and if no agent is available to take the ticket after the specified threshold time has passed, then the second phase starts - and the ticket goes back to the Omnichannel queue.

    My question is about the the first stage (skills routing).
    Let's assume I have the following 2 skills:
    - skill 1
    - skill 2

    and 3 groups:
    Group A
    Group B
    Group C
    The incoming messaging ticket was assigned "skill 1" and "Group B" by my triggers.... 

    So, in the first phase or routing (skill based), would this be assigned to only agents with "skill 1" that are included in Group B, or to all agents in all groups providing they have "skill 1" ????

    And then, if no one was available after the threshold time, I understand that 2nd phase would take place - so that this ticket would be routed to any agent from "Group B" - regardless of their skills, but who are online and at free capacity?
    Please may I have some more clarification here? 
    Many thanks


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