How do I access a dashboard from a suspended agent?

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  • Bruno Cruz

    Hi team,

    I'm currently facing an issue where, despite being an Admin (who should, supposedly, have access to all dashboards), I still don't have access to dashboards which have been created by suspended users. After discussing this with Zendesk Support over chat, I was redirected here. Taking into account the nature of the process, I'd like to give the following feedback:

    • In order for me to proceed with steps (3) & (4), I need to unsuspend the user's access and have a free seat available. I shouldn't need to guarantee this to have access to a dashboard;
    • In order to go through (5), I'll need to breach internal security compliance protocols and access the account with an email address that isn't mine. Additionally, since the user was suspended because they are no longer working with the company, I need to ask IT to reinstate their email address and redirect incoming emails or such, so I can define a new password;
    • Then, I need to roll all these changes back, asking not only my time but the time of the Security/IT teams within the company.

    A tool such as this, supposedly ready for Production usage, should allow access to these dashboards in an easier manner. Having to waste the time of different teams across the company to perform this exercise is, at best, disappointing.

  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Bruno, 
    I'm very sorry, I totally understand, but it is highlighted in our best practice to always check explore reports and dashboard before removing or suspending a user. Best practices for removing agents
    I would recommend always cloning dashboard from your agent before suspending them, so you have a copy assigned to you without having to go through this process. You will find more information here How to clone dashboards.
    It is one of the major uses of this cloning feature, it allows you to clone a dashboard from someone else and you become the owner of the dashboard, we strongly recommend doing that to avoid those situations. 
    As an admin you should not need to ask IT to reinstate the email, you can just unsuspend the user and assume their account by following this post : Assuming an agent
    Once the user is unsuspended, you can directly assume the account to access the dashboards. This will avoid the whole process of reactivating the email, defining a new password and involving other teams. 
    I hope this helps, 
  • Bruno Cruz

    Hi Salim,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply back to this. A few comments, If I may:

    • While I understand that we can do this cloning/sharing exercise before the person leaves, as an Admin on Zendesk, I just have access to an easier process to administer this feature;
    • Cloning dashboards is precisely what I don't want to do in this situation, as the reason that led me to this bug was a clean-up exercise that I was trying to perform over old dashboards. It seems that, without cloning or previously sharing the dashboards, the only way I can remove old customizations from suspended agents is to actually remove them from the platform;
    • Assuming the identify of a user would be great, but I don't have that option available on a user that I just unsuspended and granted Admin access again, as indicated on this article. Is that a bug as well? Should I contact Zendesk support?
    • Also, if assuming an agent is possible, should this article be updated to reflect it?

    Finally, I understand that there may be documented best practices to perform before proceeding with an agent suspension or removal. But again, this doesn't remove the initial problem: why the need for such a strange process in the first place?

  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Bruno, 
    Thank you for your feedback, we understand your view, we will monitor this and if we receive others similar inputs our product specialist might consider changing the logic in the future, I would recommend as well to post a proper feature request here that will be accessible to other users and our product specialist.
    The logic currently set is that suspending a user is the final steps and this should be done only when tickets are reassigned, dashboard cloned and everything is in order.
    Regarding the account assumption of admin, you can normally downgrade them to agent and you will be able to assume the account and access the dashboards, it's not in the article because it is a workaround to use as a last resort. The current logic is to always share or clone the dashboard so they stay accessible to other users. 
    If you need any help in the future for special cases don't hesitate to contact our support and we will do our best to assist and try to find the right workaround. 

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