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  • Shayan Moussawi

    If I understand correctly every single one of these advanced AI features is limited to retail customers / B2C only…

    Adding on top of that, that the standard model pricing was changed (despite of collective feedback not to) to MAUs. And additionally that these AI features will incur add-on charges (even though I was under the impression that the Zendesk Suite was supposed to be a complete package, especially the Enterprise Suite). I just fail to see a good value - cost proposition.

    It would be good to know whether Zendesk plans on expanding any of these features to B2B and other industries as well any time soon.

  • Hossam Fathy

    1- Wondering when is the plan to have this available for B2B companies?

    2- Wondering if the "Explore" section can be easier and have better features without the current complexity of creating reports specially after having partnership with OpenAI

  • David C

    So when they announced this is available to all Suite customers, they meant to pay for it. Knowing Zendesk, it's probably cheaper to build an app that connects with OpenAI API on my own. Zendesk is once again an expensive annoying app. 

  • James Cadena

    Hi, is this safe to use with personal health information? is this HIPAA compliant and covered under the Zendesk BAA?

  • Rusty Wilson
    Zendesk Luminary

    $50 per agent per month is very steep pricing.

    This *single* feature is almost 50% of the cost per agent of a Professional subscription.

    Or putting it more simply, you've just raised the price of the PRO subscription by almost a 50% uplift.

    The ROI will have to be very strong indeed to justify a cost expenditure of this magnitude.


    I've got the same question as James Cadena

    Does the Zendesk BAA cover the AI features?

  • Rashmita Lenka

    Is there a free trial period for Advanced AI feature of Zendesk?


  • Driesen, Christian

    I am also pretty disappointed that Zendesk changed it's view on pricing for Advanced AI. A year ago you stated that Advanced AI comes free of charge for Enterprise and Suite Users. Now it's an additional 50 Euros per Agent for the add-on. Sorry, but this is unbearable and I do not see the cost/value proposition here. For us it would be 27K extra expenses and I hardly believe that AI will save me that kind of money (we are doing only 2nd and 3rd Level support). 

  • Rusty Wilson
    Zendesk Luminary

    So I've been looking into this some more since my post above... and for the current suggested pricing, I can purchase a much more robust, feature complete and market tested enterprise level AI from several different vendors (I'm not listing them out of respect for Zendesk, but I assure you that you won't have to look hard to verify for yourself).

    I can't see anyone being able to get an ROI at $50/user/mo.

    (and by the way what happened to "Free with Suite and Enterprise") ?

  • Jekaterina Tavgen

    I agree with the comments above. $50 per user per month and no option to exclude some users from this feature doesn't sound like a fair deal. If the pricing model would be reviewed, we could consider purchasing the AI add-on. 

  • TradeX Admin

    When we were onboarded, this functionality was supposedly a part of the Enterprise Plan. After months of work from our tech team and to-and-fro with the India Support team, we were finally told that this is a paid add-on feature. There are other providers who're offering the same at one-10th of the monthly price per seat. 

  • Kacey Zeccola
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi TradeX Admin I will create a private ticket to discuss this further with your account manager. You should be hearing from them shortly. 

  • Fiona


    I'm confused - if it's advanced AI, can it just read the question the customer has written in the web widget and look in the Knowledge Base and give the answer? As opposed to having to create answers and intents etc. 



  • Chris Wisialowski

    This feature eliminated the platforms ability to add internal notes as a trigger action. This makes zero sense and has complicated our workflow , and taken away some of the value we had in this platform. 

  • Tony Williamson

    I am tending to agree with TradeX Admin & Rusty Wilson here. Our organisation purchased Enterprise Licenses with Zendesk understanding we were purchasing 'The Delux' model. As a long time (>10 year) customer of Zendesk, it has been disappointing to find out tiers are created above and additional add-ons are now significant additional fees which were understood to be part of our plan. this is not the first time and is becoming a trend.


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