Add 'Remove cc' trigger/automation action


  • mpe
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    +1 this would be very helpful. 


    Our use case would be similar to a one time comment, as we often need input from co-workers or other departments, while at the same time they don't need to be CC'd on everything else (they're usually not involved and don't care beyond that point). Manually removing the CC after requested help has been given is not user-friendly and is tiresome.



  • James Pitcher
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    + 1 here - Customers often add our team's DL email to cc (usually in an attempt to get a faster response 😊), so we want to remove this automatically on any ticket, otherwise the whole team keeps getting emailed updates.

  • Alex Gillum-Webb
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    + another one.

    This is one of the more widely asked for features I have seen in the community. Is there any development on this? I can see there was quite a lot of active discussion from Zendesk 2 years ago but not so much recently.

    Did anything come of an EAP?

    The Trigger/API method works for me at the moment, but ideally I would like to remove individual collaborators.

    i.e. if email exists in collaborator list, then remove from the string



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