Feature Request: Add a placeholder about the previous status before the change is made


  • Alejandro González

    This add on would be great!

  • Alejandro Colon

    Alejandro González

    If you do not mind, please add your use case and any other information. This will help the Product Managers to see how this would affect you and potentially others. 

    More information and support by the community would increase the likelihood that it will be added.

  • Mike Ware

    This could possibly be useful to me for large projects where a project detail is changed. By offering a way to print/send pre-changed status, it would allow all project contributers to see the change made to the ticket field and voice any concerns. It would make it easier to revert the change to the original state if the new value won't work for some reason. in my case, it would likely be something like resource allocation (which encoder/decoder/switch/server/etc. is being used for a particular event) which does change as a project is ironed out in real time


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