Chat queue in new agent workspace


  • Jamie Martin

    My account is seeing the same thing. What is being done about this? Our team is missing chats and responses are delayed and your company seems to just throw articles at us to figure it out ourselves. Very disappointed. 

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Hege Solheim, an immediate solution at the moment is to create a specific view that shows your agents the relevant new conversations (that is, tickets whose status is New and only including synchronous channels).

    They could then skip/ignore the "Accept" button (they can work in Invisible mode to prevent interruptions, if that's operationally viable for you).

    Please note: this will only work if your agents don't have "Play views only" enabled on their role permissions (under 'Agent workflow'). If they do, they can't see the ticket list in the View, and have to open conversations one by one.


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