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  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Krista,

    This is quite a common roadblock you've run into here. Right now as you know there's no way to create custom ticket status' in Zendesk, however, it looks like this is a planned feature that Zendesk are working on releasing sometime in the near future. I've found this post here which indicates that this is a planned feature which they will introduce to Zendesk. 


    In the meantime, what you could do is create a custom drop-down ticket field that lists your custom status' for a ticket. This would then be displayed to the custom in the my activities view. 

    The other option you could do is look at utilizing your Zendesk Gather (community) platform which is available with Help Centres. A lot of Zendesk customers, including Zendesk themselves, use the community as a way of managing feature requests which customers can vote on, track new activity posted etc. 

    Hopefully, this helps until the ability to create custom ticket status' arrives in Zendesk sometime this year. :)





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