Activate SLA targets based on any comment from an end user, or other updates


  • Rudolph Beaton

    @... - This is the exact SLA issue we're running into as well! I detailed our situation in an email, but just wanted to flag this post for you, so you could see another example and potentially sync up with @...'s account executive.

    Thank you for posting, Rachel!

  • Zachary Hanes

    I’ve been dealing with this exact problem for over two years now. I even left one company to join another one and found they had the same issue. I described it a while ago in this thread.

    The solution I would like to see is virtually the same as what OP is suggesting, but slightly more specific to just apply updates with comments. If any end user (the requester, a CC, or someone not included on the ticket at all), comments on a ticket (public or private), an SLA timer should run. It should stop only when an internal user makes a public comment. 

    This is somewhat similar to the request here, but not quite the same. In that request, internal users' private comments would also trigger the SLA. I see a use case for that, but it would be a separate SLA metric from what I'm looking for. 

    CC @...

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you Rachel W. for starting this thread! Your feedback is truly appreciated. 

    I want to make sure that you did see a partial fix for this issue, specifically for CC'd users who reply. That is detailed in my comment on this thread.

    However, this doesn't work if a user who was forwarded the ticket replies. For that I'm going to rename this thread to cover that and other use cases.

    Regarding your second request " We also want an SLA target to stop any time the agent takes any action", take a look at this other thread and please upvote/comment if that is the same need you describe. Thank you.

  • Rachel W.

    Scott Allison thanks for the response!

    It looks like you accidentally linked to the same thread twice in your response; can you share the link to the thread that covers the partial fix for CC'd users who reply? 

    As for the SLA target stopping any time an agent takes an action, I agree that the request in the thread you linked is similar to what I'm asking. The scenario described in that thread is more specific than what I was thinking – as I want a way for any update by the agent to stop the SLA, kind of regardless of context – but generally it sounds like the same idea/need.

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Rachel W. Sorry about that. The correct link is here: CCs and followers – Tickets replied to by a CC get no SLA 


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