Ability to reorder data fields when printing tickets


  • Customer Service

    Good suggestion! Even disabling certain fields from printing. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Philipp and Adam - can you tell us more about how frequently you need this or what impact it would have on your business to have access to this kind of functionality?

  • Customer Service

    Hi Nicole,

    thanks for getting back to us/me. We are using the print out function on a daily basis, our customer service agents need to talk to other departments which don't have access to zendesk or emails. So having the ability to structure (add/remove fields, change the order of fields) the print out would be amazing and would simplify the life of the agents and receivers. The main goal would be to simplify the header with the ticket fields. 

  • John

    I agree. The ability to customize the ticket print-out (and add our branding) would be excellent. Maybe I just haven't figured out how to do it yet!

  • 冨田 成幸



  • Brian McGinley

    We are trying to implement a new ticket form and have ordered new custom fields for the new print. When you read through them on the ticket creation screen they are in order and make sense. After the ticket is created, the ticket fields have been randomly thrown together and make no sense what so ever. 

    It goes from 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7  to 5,3,7,6,4,2,1. We are trying to implement a feature / change request form to our clients, which we would then print to PDF and share internally for review and approval. But there is no way to read this printout with out a decoder ring. 

    This is very frustrating. I am not sure why it wouldn't at least follow the fields as they were arranged in teh ticket form, which I also created in the order they are used so it's not like it is using a field ID number arranged in descending order or something, it is truly random. 

    The point to upgrading our account was to be able to use multiple forms and I am not seeing a benefit to doing so now. 

    Thank you, 




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