Making it easier for agents to find Macros


  • Carla Shotwell

    We are also trying to manage a long list of macros. We now have three brands, and therefore have three versions of each macro.  We have our macros organized by categories with brands, and then sub categories, but its still up to the agent to locate and then choose the correct one.  I was sure that by enabling ZenDesk's Multibranding feature, we would be able to tag Macros by brand and then when we are working in a ticket, just see the macros for that corresponding brand.  You can tag macros with a brand, but I have no idea what that does.  You cannot sort your macros by brand, and you cannot limit which macros you can choose from when working in a ticket from a particular brand.  

  • Mike Jensen

    We also have this problem. A simple improvement to the search logic to allow fuzzy searching would be very helpful. @zendesk, any updates?

  • Kate

    This is also a major pain for us. 


    Example When an agent is searching for a macro called "Water Park Operating Hours" they commonly want to search for Park Hours and this does not populate the macro.  While we can change the name for this one macro this does not help us if an agent is looking for it by Water Hours or is now searching for Operating Hours out of habit.  This is one of 500 macros that could be causing the same search issue.

  • Bohuslav Kuchta


    As above, we are also facing a similar situation. As a gaming company, we manage several games and the share similarly worded and named macros, but each is specific per game. Searching for my account-related macros for a specific game is needlessly slow and complicated. We're all for an improvement in this area.

  • skwitz

    We're running into this issue as well. In our case, we have a bunch reasons that we might want to reassign a ticket to our Anti-Evil Team, but there's currently no way to search for keywords unless they're in the title of the macro. It would be great if the macro search field also looked at the description of the macro so you could have a bunch of keywords there or even a separate keyword field altogether. As it stands now, our agents need to either memorize all the reasons, constantly refer to a cheat sheet, or create a bunch of different macros (which I'm about to do) to try to reduce brain cycles.

  • Marie Dupagne

    We are experiencing the same issue as there is no feature that will display only the macros by brand. Since we are working with several brands and each agent has access to all brands, the drop-down menu is quite huge. It would be great to be able to restrict the macro drop-down menu to the brand of the ticket.  

  • Brett Youngberg

    Our team also struggles with searching for the right macros. We are 700+ Unless you know the exact order of the title, then different search word combinations do not work. The search needs to include any matching words in the title, not necessarily the correct order. Should probably include searching the macros descritption as well so we can put other keywords in there that agents may try when search for a macros to use

  • Andrei
    Community Moderator
    The Wise One - 2021

    Hi @..., @..., @..., @..., @..., @..., @... and @...

    There is a great solution – Advanced Macros by Pythia app It has advanced search feature built-in (searching over titles and text of the macro). 

    P.S. And there is the same app for Chat – Advanced Shortcuts by Pythia app.

  • Angelweb SAS

    Having a multi-brand account as well, we have the same problem with macros. There are many we waste time, while they exist to save us time.

  • Riah Lao

    Hi, is there any update on this? Is there any macro search enhancements from your roadmap?

  • Beth

    The description and body of macro fields should be indexed and searchable. We are approaching 500 macros and it is ridiculous that we have to export macros (using steps created by a forum member no less) to see the content of macros for auditing and maintenance purposes. 

    The macro feature seems built out by about 10%. Major bummer. 

  • Vanesa Mircheva

    Hello Team,

    We are facing issues when trying to search for macros using a keyword. We used to search for macros by using a keyword, after typing '/'. The thing is that now with Agent Workspace we can use only the subject of the macro to find it. In the previous version, we were able to search by using both - a keyword that is part of the body or the subject.

    This was an important feature that allowed our agents to quickly find the right macros to use in their responses to customers. This function helped them to save time, be more efficient, and provide faster resolutions to customer queries.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

  • Jen C

    We would also like to be able to search the entire macro title and body text of the macro. I don't know why that wasn't a thing already. Definitely need some improvements in the macro area to make it easier for agents.

  • Elena Ara


    We are also struggling with the inability to search through full macro names and text. Such a downside for the macro usage.

  • Clara Baruffati

    Same, we would like to be able to search macros in text.


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