New feature requests: Answer Bot Feedback Flow Customization


  • Shiyu Zhu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for the feedback. I have captured this for us to consider in our roadmap planning. 

  • AL

    We need the same feature. We use currently only email support. No chat and no phone support. 

    We would like to have the flow builder to propose article from our knowledge base to the user as the first step. Then, if the user did not find an article that is useful, flow builder should ask them to create a ticket. This ticket will then be answered by our agent as usual. There should be no option to talk to a human or chat. This should be configurable in the settings.

  • Mohammed Shazzaib

    Its surprising that we have to point this out, this should have been a feature, or should have already been implemented, someone has raised this issue a month ago.

  • AL

    Thanks Mohammed. And I agree. This is so basic it should have been part of the first release of flow builder.


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