Images sometimes break for end-users after a while


  • Kel S.

    I've had this issue too, but literally thought it was something I'd been doing from my end (or was imagining it). Keen to hear thoughts.

  • Dan Nolan

    It could be a bunch of things, usually an issue with permissions from where the pictures are hosted, but there's an article that goes deep on troubleshooting better than I can:,Resolution%20steps,-These%20are%20options

  • Pulkit Pandey
    Community Moderator

    Hi Nicholas Casbarro

    Can you please share the screenshot of the console window using inspect element, I am sure it was throwing some error it would be a great reference for troubleshooting.


    Thank You 




  • Nicholas Casbarro

    Dan Nolan Thanks for your reply.

    The thing is, the articles in question are always open to everyone. No admin/agents only articles.

    I've read that troubleshooting article but unfortunately the fixes don't work, and the ones that sort of do are just temporary fixes, which are more complicated to do than my method of simply copying to paint and pasting back into the article.

  • Nicholas Casbarro

    Pulkit Pandey Sure thing. Here's the console window and its errors.

    Note that the ad blocker isn't the issue. I've tried with it on AND off.

    Ad blocker ON:

    Ad blocker OFF:

    Here's the console for an article with WORKING images:

  • Nicholas Casbarro

    Hi, just wanted to bump this as it is still an issue. Pulkit Pandey


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