Conditional field logic


  • Stephanie Church

    I agree, Marc.  This would be a very useful feature.

  • Julia

    I agree! 

  • Diana Kurth

    absolutely necessary: conditional fields in sell

    for a more complex business to avoid having an illegible long custom field list 😅 

    on leads/contacts/deals & product catalog

  • Daniel Velasque

    Estoy de acuerdo. Es una característica básica que debería estar en Sell. A estas alturas de la vida de Sell es muy raro que Zendesk no haya pensado en eso y tampoco lo tenga en su roadmap. Mas voy conociendo a Sell y mas noto que le faltan muchas horas de cocción.

  • Harry Bolton

    Jakub Tutaj and Jakub Konik this is a huge one for Lead Gen agencies!!

  • Devin Snelling

    Agreed! We would really benefit from having conditional fields - our list of custom fields is always growing. Especially around required fields using the "field rules" feature - If we could have some fields required only if another field is filled out, that would be huge!


  • Caitlin Amoros

    This is incredibly important to have in my organization. Is this feature on the roadmap?


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