Live Chat - Adding ids to iframes


  • Erica Girges
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Artem,
    Thanks for posting your question to the Community! Unfortunately, there isn't a way to add ids to the iframe. Just to clarify though, when you say new live chat are you referring to Messaging? 
    Also, if you're able to provide me with a bit more context about what you're trying achieve by tracking appearing iframes, then I may be able to help come up with a solution. Hope to hear back from you soon!
  • Artem Rudenko

    Hi Erica, thank you for your reply

    Yes, I refer to Messaging, as we want to start using it, instead of the Classic version.

    So for example, in our approach, we want to hide the messaging icon, we will show it when user clicks a special button on our website. After user sends a message, he can close the chat, and messaging icon will disappear again, so we want to track the reply from support, so this icon will appear after user receives a message.

    Hope it gives more sense now, and the question is there any way how to handle it? 

    Thanks in advance 

  • John Koehn

    Her Erica, the messenger API really sucks, just to be honest. There is zero way for us to hide the messenger without using the classic version. Much like Artem, we only want to the messaging icon to display when the user clicks on a help button in our application. However, we need zendesk messenger loaded into the dom so if support follows up on a ticket they get notified. 

  • John Koehn

    Looks like the only way to really get around this at the moment is to modify the zIndex which I'm not a fan of but alas!

    window.zE('messenger:set', 'zIndex', -9999);


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