Default sort for search results



  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Emiel,
    Searching in Support for tickets can be optimized by just using combinations of keywords search statements. As it turns out, there's no native setting that will allow you to designate a specific column to sort. However, you can use Ordering and sorting ticket search results which has the similar function. Please take note that the valid sorting and ordering keyword and value pairs are limited.
  • Adam Glover

    Hi Dane,

    Do you know if there are any pending feature requests to build in a default sort order setting for Support's search results? As an admin it would be extremely useful to be able to set a default sort column by Updated Descending, for example, and it would reduce the negative friction points when our agents search tickets since it's one less thing to click. Otherwise, having the search results show "recently viewed" tickets at the top of the results would also increase efficiency for agents.


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