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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Josh! I'm happy to bring this to our SDK team to see what thoughts they have, but I just want to confirm that you've followed this step before I do so. I have a feeling they'll want confirmation of that first. If you could provide the actual file as well, that would be super helpful. Thanks!

  • Zendesk PhotoSì

    Hi, we have the same problem, ex: in zs_activity_view_article,

    is private so we can't override the layout. 

  • Josh Nelson

    Greg-Katechis Yes I have followed the step of copying over the XML file (zs_activity_request.xml), but the app will not run a because the custom views: RequestViewLoading, RequestViewConversationsDisabled, RequestViewConversationsEnabled, and ViewAlmostRealProgressBar are only available for use from within the SDK's package (

  • Josh Nelson

    Greg-Katechis Any update on this?

  • Kelly Hilton


    Set up the app bar. On this page Add a toolbar to an activity. Use app bar utility methods. In its most basic form, the action bar displays.


  • Josh Nelson

    Kelly Hilton How do I add a toolbar to this activity if I can't replace the xml file (zs_activity_request.xml) for this activity?

  • Tommy Jackson

    Greg-Katechis Hi, we're still facing this problem. Specifically we need to be able to change the toolbar text color, but its hardcoded to #ffffff (white) in zs_request_toolbar_content.xml, which is included in zs_activity_request.xml. 

    We've tried following the steps here, but as stated above by Josh it seems like every custom UI component in those files is marked with @RestrictTo(LIBRARY), which prevents us from accessing and using them. We can't copy the layouts like your docs say to do without those components or the functionality would break.

    Messing with the theme doesn't do anything either because the text color is fully hardcoded to be white, and we can't even replace that single xml file because it uses which is one of those classes restricted to the library.

    How can we change the toolbar's text color? 

  • Steve Rabino

    Greg-Katechis - we're also facing the same problem as detailed by others in this thread.

    I think it might also be necessary to remove RequestActivity and RequestActivityList from the section "Change the look of each component" in the Customizing the look document; as Tommy Jackson and Josh Nelson have alluded to, these now use custom UI components that are restricted to use within the library and so this approach is not possible for these files.


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