Searching for and updating custom Sell fields through API



  • Erica Girges
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Nicholas!
    Thanks for posting your question to the Community. You can definitely achieve this by utilizing specific capabilities within the Sell and Search API's. I would recommend looking into the Search API first as you will need a valid token for authentication in order to use it. The linked getting started guide will help ensure that you're all setup and get you familiar with how to send requests and queries. 
    Then to go about meeting your use case needs, you could use the Custom Fields Mapping. This would give you the associated id for that specific custom field. You can then use that id with our Search API to query for all Contacts where that custom field has the specified value. Lastly, once the Contact is found and returned, you can grab that Contact's id and update that Contact's info (including a different Custom Field's value) using the Update Contact endpoint.
    Hope this helps!

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