Add metadata to custom field, custom app


  • Ahmed Zaid

    Hi Mike Larsen (Syn),

    That sounds interesting. It will have the limitation of syncing only one comment though which may not be the one you are interested in.

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey Mike,

    I've thrown together a branch that showcases how to save the data to custom fields. You can see that here.

  • Mike Larsen (Syn)

    Thanks Eric

    I can see how this can work. fieldGetter is important and the if/try logic is too.

    Just making some notes here...

    - For our needs, we'll have one field. So "metadataField" rather than one for ip and another for client
    - 123 should be replaced with the specific field ID in "(obj) => === 123", e.g. field id 7779379345427 in the sandbox.
    - I wonder if there is a way to base it off the field NAME instead. That way we have one implementation for both our sandbox and production environment. Perhaps or something. Both environments will have a field named "Metadata", but the field ID will differ in both because it is auto-assigned.
    - Yes, this is meant to sync just one comment - the first comment, which may be from the end user and tends to be the most useful/interesting.

    Thanks again. We'll try it out and maybe ask for some more advice or report good news.

  • Patrik Kaldi

    Dear Eric Nelson,

    First of all thank you very much for your help . The app is working like a charm !

    We would like to make it a bit suitable for our needs . We would like to gather also the location of the requestor not only the client and ip . 

    I couldn't find any documentation about the data types which can be gathered as metadata . 

    I tried something like

    "locationClientField = location.value;
      ipField = ip.value;
      browserClientField = browserClient.value;" 

    without success . 

    If you could link the appropriate page of the documentation that would be awesome . 

    Thank you in advance ,

    Patrik Káldi


  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Patrik Kaldi,

    In the context of the example app linked above, you could access the location using the following:

    let location = metadata.responseJSON.comments[0].metadata.system.location;

    You can read more about ticket comments and the metadata property here.







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